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  1. I am using intel + nVidia, so no luck.
  2. People say the FPS counter inside DCS is, hummm, not very accurate, and I don't have access to fpsVR when I am not flying via SteamVR. So what other options do I have?
  3. Sorry my question was not clear -- would it be preferred to change the PD value or the resolution of the headset?
  4. Question: if I want better visual while maintaining good framerate, should I go to change the PD value in DCS VR Setting, or change the headset resolution? I am using Quest2 and Oculus native VR app.
  5. I have posted it before, when there is a similar product out there which runs pretty great on a lesser system like mine, and with VR in mind, all I think is DCS can do better. I know it is not an overnight thing, as the new map demonstrates the possibility, and if ED wants to charge me for that, i cannot speak for others, my credit card will be ready.
  6. Yup, it is still very much there. Shame.
  7. I really suggest moving this to the VR forum. But what do I know? In short, if your rig is not top tier, like mine, you can only get 2 out of these 3: immersion, visual quality and smoothness. Oh, welcome to the VR Addiction Club (tm)
  8. Wish this one were flyable...
  9. It is a shame, issues here and there. I can wait for the Eurofighter and would like to have the Viggen more polished.
  10. Since I land the planes too many a time, I map the HUD down to a button and it works and the HUD stays down until I press the button again to make it back up. I need to checking the binding to it. Hope it helps.
  11. Practicing short landing these days, which as expected, there have been many bad landings. Most of the time, I notice the port side landing gear, and only this one, bends slightly inward towards the aircraft. Of course, upon returning in the air, this particular landing gear fails to retract. However, I see no indication inside the aircraft, nor there is any failure report in the after-action screen when I quit the mission.
  12. I am a Quest 2 user. It is very difficult to see an AFV-sided object through EP-13 until the object is pretty close to the aircraft and I see it from the cockpit (on VR Zoom). I notice the effect mentioned and my rig is not powerful enough to run G2 at full-res so I cannot compare. I take it as is for now and hope it gets better later. Addition: I check the photos on Chuck's Guide and the weird colour lines are presence too. I guess it is "as is". I think G2 is more enjoyable flying in than Quest 2. Enjoy.
  13. Practicing landing on the road these days, so my memory is still quite fresh. At about 10 km from the landing point, if you are still at 500 m AGL and at 550 km/h, it is okay to put the gears down. Once you have done this, the flaps will be automatically deployed and drag from both the gears and flaps will slow the plane down. Of course, starting to reduce the throttle while maintaining the AoA <= 12 degrees, speed above 260 km/h, and gliding angle as indicated on the HUD in visual landing mode. Nose steering is automatic on. Addition: an example video:
  14. VFGiPJP

    F-15 STOL/MTD

    I guess it was 1.0 problem, now I can see both regardless of the historical filter. Thanks.
  15. 1. Improve the Normandy map, I have yet to place it into my collection mainly because it is kinda "dated"; and 2. I like to idea of "North Africa" which includes western Egypt, Cyrenaica and all the way to Tripoli, and the area has historical significance in both WW2 and modern times. I would also include Crete, Tunisia and may be Sicily. If you include Korea, I am afraid the game may be banned in Korea.
  16. Have you lifted the cover open? Technically one should lift open the wing sweep cover first before popping out/back in the lever. However, the key binding some how allows one to pop out the level without lifting up the cover, but not back in. Hope this helps. Edit: Now I map "emergency wing sweep pop out else in", "emergency wing sweep cover up else down" and "master reset" (which reset the wing sweep back to automatic), into 3 buttons on my throttle.
  17. VFGiPJP

    F-15 STOL/MTD

    Sorry for setting up without asking. I will try my best to keep it updated. Also, in the ME, the F-15C is no long accessible from the menu, only F-15S remains. However, the F-15C missions can still be played correctly. Thank you and keep up the good work.
  18. VFGiPJP

    F-15 STOL/MTD

    This is made by @subaru1572 and the files can be found here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3318023/ Looks and fly great. If anyone wants 9X for an Eagle, this is the mod your are looking for. Need the F-15C to have it work but it seems to replace F-15C, both flyable and AI, somehow. Wish list: 1. There is not cannon -- I heard it will be added back later; and 2. The cockpit is VR seems too clamped, the front panel is very close to the chest.
  19. Where should I put the new lines? Okay, get it figured out. Thanks. But it seems that I can pop out the level even when the cover is down, no biggie either.
  20. Good for you! Now just wait for the key binding to the popping out the lever...
  21. Well, this makes things even more challenging then.
  22. On a 1-on-1 dogfight situation, I find there are times where 2 radar symbols shown on RWR of the same type as the plane flying against. The mission has no other radar setup than the 2 planes involved
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