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  1. After watching the video below, I would still prefer this over F-4 (don’t hit me)
  2. Well I feel no I’ll effect until I practised hovering last night. I swung around back and forth, left and right, up and down like crazy… The worse thing is, the best way to fly a helo is in VR…
  3. @Qiou87it saw quite many actions during WW2 at GIUK gap but given the current plane set, there ain’t much to do there.
  4. Thanks. I use the Instant Action mission "Hot Start". I guess the bird is not ready to fly yet.
  5. I encounter a strange problem: when on ground, when I increase either the throttle or the collective, it jumps back to idle and goes up again. In this way, I cannot take off. There is a message keeps popping up "Engines started...ELF to FLT...". However, when the chopter is up in the air, the problem does not exist. I wish there are more functions be able to map to the joystick button;. Thank you.
  6. Fire bomb! Fire bomb! Fire bomb! i want the smell of napalm in the morning.
  7. GR video included: Thanks for the great work...or should I say I regret getting the Huey. Anyway, will there be on-going development to improve the chopter? Thanks again.
  8. GIUK gap is a nice idea, but it seems to be too big an area to cover.
  9. With MB-339A and AH-64D "rapidly approaching", I feel broke already. I wish to procure the NTTR map, so I wonder when would be the next sale, usually? Thanks in advanced.
  10. OMG!!! It gets closer and closer.
  11. I don't have the "time trial" missions for F-14 but I shall give the code fragment a try. Thank you. BTW, where can I get the said mission file?
  12. Inspired by a recent "tactical low-level flight" racing "mini-game", I wish to know how to obtain continuously the AGL information for any aircraft flying. I guess the process of stop getting the information recording is not that hard. Thanks in advanced.
  13. If there were a HOTAS with trackball like the ones found on Knightmare of the anime Code Gease, I guess there would be no more problem.
  14. Since the battery cover of the mouse is underneath, there are actually very few options I can "mount" the extra track ball onto the joystick. The photos show where my fingers would be, and it requires some muscle memory. All the buttons on the device is programmable. See the screenshot for example. I can repurpose the buttons next to the scroll wheel to be left and right mouse buttons respectively. One more thing: I am a big Elecom fan, so the trackball is fine to me. I read somebody do not like this trackball so your mileage may vary. Also, this is the only Elecom trackball is not detachable for cleaning.
  15. Any beta tester needed? I worked in the IT industry for over 12 years so I think I am pretty qualified.
  16. Cannot agree more, but I am somebody who test-while-play.
  17. Unfortunately, I cannot lock toe framerate here with Intel Inside (tm).
  18. I find a "new" Elecom air mouse on eBay, which does not use bluetooth but I am fine with it. I glue it onto the thumb rest of the T16K. It is not the most elegant solution, hey, until some tracking solution is ready for prime.
  19. Further tests using asw.Clock30 setting indicates that ASW is involved. It gives constant 30 fps +/- 1 fps , and warping/ghosting is not noticeable in-cockpit but it is very pronounced when looking at the in-game fps counter and your plane from the side in F2 view.
  20. Seriously, has anyone made this livery yet? I will be buying if there is one out there.
  21. The batch file attempts to force Rift/Quest to 30fps, set FOV multiplier to 1 and turn off the stencil. edit: if it works I am going to share it in the VR forum. Let me give it a try, thanks. edit: the batch file runs before DCS, which is good. But if I want to run the batch file after DCS started, would it be possible? I have mapped the batch file to a custom app launch button so all I need is to switch out and run the script. I am just lazy and wish to have the script run in one go. Let me explain: Oculus some how switch automatically to ASW Auto mode when DCS starts, regardless of what I do before starting. So I wish to revert the settings with a batch file after DCS launches. Thank you.
  22. Stupid question: I have a DOS/Win batch file I wish to run before or after running DCS in VR mode. How should I do this in one go? Thanks in advanced.
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