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  1. Any game company will tell you this: Soon (tm)
  2. Both AirLink and USB connection are supported, as the release notes say.
  3. Still not there yet, but I will be very patient.
  4. Super hyped-up by the latest chain gun vid. Keep up the good work.
  5. All we need now is somebody who are willing to put it into motion.
  6. I am answering it here: the nice thing about sharpening in V33 is that it does not consume any processing power of the host computer. I dunno if it is the latest OB or it is the V33, DCS runs slightly better. I am at full 80 fps in the F/A-18C 2 vs 2 Fox 2 mission at NTTR map.
  7. I would say DCS could have been better. On one side, HL:A runs great with my hardware, but SW:S is still a nightmare. DCS is somewhere in the middle. I have no MSFS:2K so I cannot comment.
  8. To be clear, I do notice the edge of the cockpit against the sky is smoother when DCS MSAA is on. But I refrain myself from changing it using nVidia CP for the reason of being lazy.
  9. My setup is low-med, clarity is important to me while saw tooth is not a major issue, for playing. I may want things pretty when making movies.
  10. I dunno but I like what I see without MSAA for now, but I may turn it back on later, who knows. Anyway, some already complain about Oculus doing too much sharpening.
  11. Okay, I am tired of waiting and just manually updated to V33 (find the details in Reddit) and Whoa! it is even sharper on my Quest2 than in MSAA x2 and I turn it off for adding performance. One more thing: no setting to tweak what-so-ever, just link up and fly. I dunno if it is sharper than G2, but I am dang sure it is sharper than the Real World(tm). Need more tests to see if it hits performance and battery life or not.
  12. To answer my own question: I get the C Model working as I only own the F-15C. Will test other. BTW, I find there are 4 identical entries of the pack in "Instant Action" section.
  13. For update, I would like to have it based of the free TP-51 rather than the P-51D. Thanks for the great work.
  14. For the Elecom Relacon, I find myself hard to "feel" the button right to the scroll wheel in VR, so I add 2 tiny dots of Blue Tack on each button.
  15. Sorry, late to the game. Can I fly this with F-15C and Su-25T?
  16. I have been flying practice in Hornet, Eagle and Turkey shooting down other birds, at NTTR, CAS, PG and Syria, no problem noted so far.
  17. Did repair and apply only the hotfix and it works! Thanks.
  18. I don't have the Mosquito, but I fly the Turkey. Over the Dover cliffs I get at least 32fps with no stuttering. I am using Quest2 native. The rig is just a MSI GP66 Leopard with 32GB RAM and a RTX3900 laptop with 8GB RAM. I guess it is something about setting.
  19. V33 for Quest/Quest2 has a new feature which sharpens the images over Link or AirLink. Anyone tried it yet? I am still in V32...
  20. May be it is just me or does anyone notice that the VR performance has gone better, may be slightly in the latest OB?
  21. It was not that pronounced in the last OB, but now, it returns...
  22. After update to the latest OB, I thought the mod would have been installed…
  23. During WW2, there were several convoys from the Atlantic to send supplies to the back then Soviet Union. The Third Reich, from Norway, sent out raids to stop them. It was not that well-known so I understand not much people know about this.
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