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  1. It breaks the record of A-4E! Yes, what not to love?!
  2. Thanks for everyone contributing the answers. I wish to try A2G and I heard something not-so-good about it. But after reading all your helpful advice, I think I am giving it a go (and make a mission or two)
  3. I am happily dogfighting in the Turkey and I am happy. But I cannot help but wonder how this plane does the other things, naming moving mud. So how does it do, as a person who flies entirely solo, in the ground attack department? I don’t want to stir things up, so please be polite. Thank you in advanced.
  4. Where should I put this? Saved Games or actual DCS directory? I put it under Saved Games which would be Saved Games\Mods\Tech, but nothing shows up in ME or the module bar If I put it in the actual DCS directory, I get the "unathorised" error.
  5. I notice that some time, while smoke from a flying object, mostly missile, flashes and it occurs randomly. This does not happen in grey or black smoke.
  6. ...and all we can do now is wait...
  7. If you don’t mind, lemme post it here:
  8. I use my mileage savings…
  9. C,f, Viper’s EA, please take time and make sure it is ready.
  10. I accidentally have TWS working on Su-30SM for once but then I cannot make it to run anymore...
  11. Thanks and on how the TWS work?
  12. I am playing with some aircraft mods lately. As some mods uses existing planes like F-15 S/MTD, which has control profiles almost identical to the aircraft it is based on, here F-15C. To save setup time and familiarisation effort, how could I copy between the mappings? Thanks in advanced.
  13. Can anyone please explain to me what are the differences between 30M, MKA, MKI, SM and J-16? Thanks. I am not sure how TWS works here for it is quite different from Su-33. Any doc I can use? Thanks again.
  14. Thanks and keep up the great work. This is much more worthy than the lame Su-33.
  15. I am confused. I see Su-30M and Su-30SM in the ME, what are their differences? Is there or will there be any vector thrusting? Do I need the Su-33 to make it work? Thanks.
  16. Yup, I read it will be released in less than 2 weeks. Here is one of the previews:
  17. Serious FB outage, and then Oculus app is not working......thank goodness we can still fly in VR
  18. Just happen -- main website seems down, so no login, purchase and user file access possible. ...and it is back now
  19. NTTR expires on Tuesday, I think I need to go on without this map soon.
  20. Any game company will tell you this: Soon (tm)
  21. Both AirLink and USB connection are supported, as the release notes say.
  22. Still not there yet, but I will be very patient.
  23. Super hyped-up by the latest chain gun vid. Keep up the good work.
  24. All we need now is somebody who are willing to put it into motion.
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