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  1. Another possible stupid issue: my OB server has 2 maps I do not have license with. How can I uninstall them? I choose the "+" sign next to the map, choose uninstall but nothing happens.
  2. Seems to work with the "Better Trees" and "Better Smoke" mods. Need more tests.
  3. Oh, I really like this plane! Thanks. I would like to see the mod getting more realistic over time. Some cockpit features are clickable but not all. Many features are still missing but I can understand this is a very early version.
  4. I know why now, the OB server is not up to date. Sorry.
  5. "This part will happen defnitiely" -- Wash, Serenity
  6. Since I like flying low and jump onto the target(s), I guess Ka-50 is the way to do, but I love the Huey cockpit. Humm. Anyway, Shark, Huey and FC3 are all US$24.99 for the time being, it would make a rather difficult choice... BTW, would Ka-50 gain further update(s)?
  7. It takes time and effort to tune your system so that the frame rate is good and smooth. Only this you are less likely to suffer from motion sickness. And I think this may be the biggest hurdle to flying in VR. If you fly helo a lot, I am told that landing would be much easier in VR. I am not a heavy helo flyer so I cannot say for sure.
  8. Apart from having non-clickable cockpit, are the systems at the same level of other ASM planes?
  9. Questions: 1. What is HWF? 2. What is the difference between Hog-A and Hog-C?
  10. Possible bug? I cannot click on the Marianas button to install module, with OB Server selected. I have to use "Select/Unselect All" button to select everything and unselect all but the Marianas to have it installed.
  11. I don't have many but with F/A-18C, F-14A/B, Viggen and Super Carrier, is the bundle still worth it? Thanks in advanced.
  12. VFGiPJP


    Awesome! Is it close?
  13. Interesting idea. In this case, it may be Ka-50, OH-58D or the AH-64D then.
  14. VFGiPJP

    A-29 Super Tucano

    Thanks. Just this mission. Other missions work just fine.
  15. VFGiPJP

    A-29 Super Tucano

    Try it with the “no mod iron bomb range” https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3315640/ however, both stick and throttle are not working.
  16. It is near to Hilton Guam. The co-ordinate is around N13 30 28.98 E 144 46 59.74 It is shown on Google Map but not on Apple Map. I get married there in the year 2008 and it is something special to me. Further information: https://wedelf.com/directory/st-probus-holy-chapel/
  17. Update: I finally fall and try out the UH-1H. I can take off, hover and fly a little bit (beginner's luck) but I still need to polish my landings. Thanks again, everyone.
  18. I do not doubt that PointCtrl would be great but it is way too expensive to me.
  19. Cause I think it would be better just to do it on and off, this is less likely to have the flaps get stuck.
  20. Does the smooth, slow camera turn using the mouse have anything to do with the mouse speed? If the mouse has a high resolution, would it be better for camera movements?
  21. I use trackball with VR, putting it next to the stick, great. Wish the headset always auto center the mouse cursor in-flight.
  22. Okay, note to self: one more target for the A-4E-C...
  23. That fire-breathing dragon from Microprose's F-14 Fleet Defender...
  24. Guys, let me put it this way. I just wish to try out flying a chopter in DCS out of curiosity sake. I tried both AH-6 and Bell-47 and I find that what I learned is totally irrelevant. There is no message saying "APU, Power-up, Operational. Cheetah-1 takes off" After I get the recommendations above, I read the Chuck's Guide of UH-1H just to confirm that this is a whole new world. I tried both AH-6 and Bell-47 again again in the latest OB -- I managed top flip the AH-6 upside down (!!!) and I could not even leave the airfield since even though I was up, pushing the cyclic forward did not move the chopter forward. I had better luck with Bell-47, I could leave the ground straight up, even though I had to fight the chopter's tendency to drift to the right, and landed it a couple of hundreds of meter. Please be clear I am not complaining since they are free mod and one has stopped development more than 6 months ago. So, I am going to use the "free to play" programme to try out one paid chopter. Thank you everyone here taking time reading my stupid question and voicing your opinions.
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