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  1. Question: fly the Instant Action, select a plane for Cold Start. Follow the doc: Engine On, Generator Center, Battery 1 On, Battery 2 On, Hold the Gas Turbine button until the Gen light is on, Switch and hold the Engine Start until the Ready light is on, when the RPM is at around 15%, finger lift on the throttle. However, the RPM never reaches 40%. What's wrong?
  2. Did that and no green text in either VR or mirror mode. What shall I do? Also, where can I find version 9.4? The first page link only leads to 10.0
  3. To be a bit more precise, it would be the Encode Bitrate
  4. I watch some VR UTube videos that the lag is really a bug and changing a setting helps.
  5. I did not check if 2D has the same problem, nor I am not sure if this has been reported. I notice the rivers and lake make reflection on the cockpit view, only over sea, and it seems to me it occurs only when there is sunlit.
  6. Axis Commands Where can I post bug report and/or comments?
  7. Great! I love EFM! Thanks for the info. Oh my, the wallpaper is interesting.
  8. The Google Drive link still works.
  9. Sorry for noob question: is this SFM or EFM?
  10. Sure, I fly the F/A-18C. I am not sure about the AJS-39 though. I will checkout the Cap’s vid too
  11. Sorry for the noob question, if I find a bug or I have some suggestions, where should I post them to? Thank you.
  12. I know it is still in beta and does not support 120Hz (shame), I give it a go today. 1. The frame rate counter tells me it is as good as Oculus Link; 2. However (this is big), the mouse, kb and HOTAS inputs are all lagging badly, which do not happen in either VD nor Oculus Link. Anyone trield this already?
  13. Okay, make the official DLC out asap and I myself will by it within a heartbeat when it comes out.
  14. I have the T16’k too, I have a small kb on my lap for certain functions, mostly for comm. E.g. for F/A-18C, I map all the buttons and use a button on the throttle as a mod button so I have double set of buttons available. I cannot see any of these button during flight, I have to memorise what every button does, and feel for it when I need to. I have yet to use any knee pad. As for mouse, somebody mentioned adding mouse buttons and scroll wheels to the POV stick, e.g. mod+POV-left is left mouse button, mod+POV-up is mouse scroll up and so on. My £0.02
  15. For the mods, it makes things look a bit better, smoother and a few FPS gain, may be, but a busy Super Carrier deck is still very bad. I think everyone is his/her own school. Here is a performance vid lately with 2.7 which may be helpful:
  16. Using OQ2 with a Dell G5 with 16GB Ram and RTX 2060 with petite 6GB VRAM, also have a third-party USB C cable. Not much better than yours. OQ2 runs at 90Hz at 1.3x resolution. Used to fly using Steam version. Unfortunately, the OB 2.7 failed to start at all, so I switched to standalone. Virtual Desktop (Oculus version) works only if you use SteamVR wirelessly and I cannot make it to work now. Shame. I am sticking with Oculus Link for now. As for the VR engine, I tried both SteamVR and Oculus VR, with the same setting, the Oculus VR runs slightly better, it looks smoother but SteamVR is shaper. I used to have OTT before, but here, I find it totally trashes the frame rate, even with all the settings turn to lowest. I use 2 VR mods here: "VR Shader Mod for Better VR Experience" by Kegetys, and "3Dmigoto VR Enhancer". The thing I do not understand is: the menu runs at 90fps and no matter the setting I use, the frame rate during flight tops at 45/46 fps. It may something to do with the refresh rate setting of the headset. I now have V28 and waits for the 120Hz option to work with Oculus Link. Sorry, just straight out from my thoughts, not very much organised.
  17. Sorry, noob question: how do I get the Global Setting menu? I think I have installed this mod, but when I hit LSHIFT+F7, I see no menu on PC display nor in laptop. Your help is very much appreciated. I am running OB 2.7 and v10 mod
  18. Adding game to Steam library only works if the game is of Steam version. I cannot use standalone version without starting the Oculus app either, but I can fly in VR this way so I cannot complain.
  19. I too used to find my seat of F/A-18C is a bit too high, then I find the button for "recenter VR"
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