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  1. Thanks all. Finally get it to work, with the "Fixed Wing" version but not the "Fixed Wing (WIP)" one...even if the flat top is stationary.
  2. I am using a wimpy laptop with 16GB RAM and an RTX-2060 and I can read both the HUD and left and right MFD just fine. If they are the texts you are referring to so I would say, yes.
  3. Updated, less crash now even though the game is no longer "Win8 Compatible"
  4. Would this WIP or otherwise, work with A-4E-C 2.0 beta 4? I cannot seem to be able to launch from it.
  5. Just updated the Oculus app for PC to V.30, and find that in the "Beta" section, there is now an option to set Oculus as the active OpenXR runtime. I dunno if this would affect DCS as DCS does not support OpenXR for the time being.
  6. currently the mouse cursor disappears after a moment of inactivity, I have to click a mouse button or move the mouse cursor by a mouse to activate it. I would like to see the mouse cursor would always be there and recenter, as the original poster suggests, after a while.
  7. Looks like GS seems unaffected. Dunno if he is flying 2.7 or 2.56…
  8. Off-topic: I go in reverse, flying DCS makes me buy a copy of Top Gun. And yet, setting to Win8 compatible makes CTD less often, but it still happens.
  9. After a month's ownership of the Viggen, here are some early thoughts. I only have the Hornet, A-4E-C, T-45C, Su-33, MB-339, and some vague memories of Su-27 and Falcon 4.0, so bear with me. Good: The UI. The "office" (or the cubicle to be precise) may look dated, but they are very designed. The HUD is simple, minimalistic and you get what you need heads-up and I find most of the time you can use the HUD in the down position. The ability to move the HUD and the use of track "poles" are actually genius. And the instrument panel, unlike the American and Russian I come across, has a great logical layout, which looks more or less like a grid. The left hand side is where you look at most of the time, and the right hand side is to look when you get into trouble. Let's not forget the "elephant in the room", the central display. It is kind of early MFD where you get the radar, important; the RWR, also crucial, and the integrated compass rose plus waypoint indicator, which of course you cannot fly without, in one neat little package. Both side of panels are also neat, easy to access, and well presented. Easy to learn: I think except for the marvelous T-45C Goosehawk, this is the easiest plane to start up and shut down, especially if you keen on skipping all the tests. What's more, landing this plane is the easiest, thanks to the actual useful auto-throttle and reverse thrust capability. I think I can land on a flattop in no time. It is not realistic, I know. The navigation system, once you get used to it, is a breeze and joy to work with. Some may find Swedish cockpit hard to understand, but I tend to memorise all the switches so language is no concern of mine. As for weapons go, setting up bombs and missiles is simpler than the A-4E-C. It is cool: reverse thrust allows you to do quite a few unique things not present in other planes and it never gets old. Also, the weapons may be dated but most of them are very cool, BK90 (I know what you feel about cluster ammunition but DCS is just a sim, okay?), real ship killers like Rb-04, Rb-15 and who can miss out the Rb-05? "I feel the need, the need of speed": one of the most important appeal to me is high-speed, low-altitude sonic flight. And the engine is even more responsive than the T-45C. It is not a crazy roller like the A-4E-C, nor it does not feel bulky like the F/A-18C. Cons: Monochrome: this plane is a mud-mover and is designed with a very specific doctrine in mind and execute it well -- hit the target designated, preferably static, as hard as possible in one go and gets out of there alive. If this does not fit your lifestyle, even though I learn I can set waypoint literally on the fly, this plane may not be for you. Not so cool weapons: AGM-65 and AIM-9, unlike the versions found in more modern planes, IMHO, is not that useful. TV-guided AGM-05 is very hard to use against small targets like ground vehicles. The Sidewinders present are generally old and unreliable against planes even at the same age. Bad at dogfights: unlike A-4E-C and MB-339, the Viggen does not dogfight very well, or may be, it is just me. It gets stuck in the mud: do not get off the runway or anything concrete. Key binding: may not be the worst of the planes here in the DCS, but some minor switches and knobs are either not mappable, or they are spingloaded without the on and off counterpart (like the Group/Single switch for Rb-04/Rb-05/Rb-15)
  10. How do I add ground power to an invisible FARP? Sorry I did a search and cannot find any discussion about this. Thanks in advanced.
  11. I think stuttering clouds (whatever term you would like to describe it as) is relatively minor now -- once I have been hit by the infamous "2nd mission load CTD" problem (a long thread in the other section). In the meantime, I can live with "clear skies and starry nights"...
  12. I see. Must be me. Since it is almost impossible to know where the knobs settings are, turning them blindly will turn the EP-13 screen to go black. Need to adjust to it. Thank you.
  13. When I adjust the EP-13 brightness and contrast, either I see no change or its screen turns dark. V27.1 OB
  14. I have a ship at waypoint 2, I have added the waypoint task to attack this unit, I arm a wingman with 2 Rb-04 (AI). It does not attack by itself, nor it attacks when I issue commands. I am new to Viggen, so this may be due to my part. Latest 2.7 OB
  15. Thanks. The mouse cures turns itself off after a while. The function does not work in VR anyway
  16. The entry is found in the "General" section of Control. I map it to an unused key but it does seem to do anything. May I ask what does this function do? Thank you in advanced.
  17. After a day or 2, 2nd mission crashes returned. And I am sorry but F/A-18C is not immune to this.
  18. I am using the option described. Unfortunately, on Alt+Tab, the application still has a "handle" on the task bar. If an application is "minimised to system tray", there would be no icon/handle on the task bar. So I guess the answer to my original question is "no". It is kinda strange that Update Utility also has an icon in system tray at the same time.
  19. Can the utility minimise to the system tray? I would prefer it this way cause when I start DCS, I would have to swap to the Oculus app to enable fix the frame rate without ASW.
  20. On further thoughts, it does not make sense that higher refresh rates actually lowers the frame rate when other settings remain the same. I dunno but I suspect there may some sort of tricks Oculus is playing with 120Hz. They are not telling so I have no proof whatsoever. Another factor we have not discussed is the bit rate. By default, the bit rate for Air Link is variable. I fix it at 85 for now. So it plays a part, wired or wireless, about the quality. In an ideal world, we can go to the highest resolution, max out everything, but now we are more or less "stuck" with the choice between quantity (frame rate) and quality (visual) When there is any further updates, we shall see how it goes.
  21. Not that I am complaining...
  22. I follow the instructions above: Disable Air Link Connect up the USB-C cable Connect with Oculus Link Find the 120Hz setting in the PC app Turn it on and find the resolution ratio changes! Keep the ratio Disconnect, re-enable Air Link, connect again Run DCS World in VR See 120fps in the main menu And yes, the frame rate improves a bit, but the MFD text gets worse, but the HUD text is okay. Raise the resolution does not improve the clarity much, but the fps suffers Conclusion: I am a guy who value frame rate over image quality. Nonetheless, 120Hz does not worth it at the current state, since it is still experimental, I think there is still a chance to make the DCS World more enjoyable.
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