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  1. Just install like all other mods do, under your DCS World installation. I think it is better to use a mod manager, but if you know what you are doing, like me, you may manually copy everything.

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  2. Practice Convoy Attack Nevada

    Pick one of the flyable aircraft below, and their pre-configured loadout, and attack a group of vehicles heading toward Hoover Dam:

    A-10C ][
    F/A-18C Lot 20

    Only non-guided ordinances are available. Nevada map is required. Plan to add MB-339B and AH-64D when they are available. This is a beta version. I am not able to complete the mission in every single options I put in, so I am not sure if some of them are actually impossible. Obviously, one cannot eliminate the whole convoy in one go due to the loadout limitations.

    Any comments and suggestions are welcome


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  3. 2 hours ago, draconus said:

    @VFGiPJP @Convexrook Guys, it's silly to expect external apps and mods working right after the new update of DCS. The modders and app creators need time on the new version to make changes and test to make their software compatible and updated too. So unless they are involved in close beta testing they have no way to make it working right away.

    I understand and they have been broken before. I appreciate all whom spend their valuable time and effort in making the game much better. If I mentioned any expectation, I would be puzzled.

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