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  1. I bind the eject to a 2-key combination to the joystick. Instead of pressing the button 3 times, ejection happens after only 1 click...
  2. Any idea anything major we would see tomorrow update?
  3. Just when I bought an X-56 stick with broken axis for solo LANTIRN... Great work HB, for outdoing yourself all the time. Keep it up!
  4. VFGiPJP


    When will the script available to public?
  5. I just played around a bit with F-14A/B, F-15C and F/A-18C and I find, in general, "zooming out" a bit helps with the SA. Big thanks. I wish to know if I should back up the 2 LUA files or not in case of update.
  6. Any settings recommended for Quest2 user?
  7. One-on-one BFM Practice No-mod Edition Updated on 2021-10-26: some issues fixed and A-10C ][ is flyable. I guess this is the last version as I would focus more on the regular version which is far more fun. One-on-one BFM Practice Updated on 2021-10-26: some issues fixed and A-10C ][ is flyable. Also add missions against MiG-29S and F-16C. All enemies are now at Ace level, so no more lucky ride. The A-10C ][ is unexpectedly not so fun here as the AI tends to go away after losing sight of the A-10.
  8. "911, what is your emergency?" "My F-15 has a collision near Las Vegas and the nose drops off."
  9. (hands up) not that I am complaining, this is the still best NVG mod I can find. It is okay if it is not what it was before the latest OB, but I still like it. I hope it is okay.
  10. Access Request sent to download the mod. Thanks.
  11. The QFE is correct and the radar is at A0 so I guess the system is acting funny without sufficient diving angle.
  12. I find that I need to maintain a certain a dive angle to make it stable. Strange.
  13. Noted that in the latest OB, the NVG renders one circle for each eye in VR, so that it becomes binocular. It looks kinda "interesting".
  14. When I switch to ANF master mode and nose down onto the target, the "box" jumps up and down. Why does this happen? Is it something to do with dive angle? Thanks in advanced.
  15. Practice Convoy Attack Nevada I have revamped the starting point of the convoy in a hope that the helo has a better chance with terrain masking. Need more tests though. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3318964/
  16. Nah, ED took all my £££, I think I have too many mods and liveries.
  17. I have little disk space and have to save some for AH-64D and MB-339A, I guess I only keep the Mk. ][
  18. Instead of asking the difference between the 2, why on Earth would I install Mk.I?
  19. Does it work in VR? Or is this mod appropriate for VR flyer?
  20. I have A-10C ][ on "Free Pay" which is yet to expire, but now I purchase it, I think, during the latest sale. Then I find that I am asked to download the A-10C also. I am confused. Do they come in pairs? I am worried I have purchased the wrong module.
  21. VFGiPJP

    Rain fix

    Just install like all other mods do, under your DCS World installation. I think it is better to use a mod manager, but if you know what you are doing, like me, you may manually copy everything.
  22. Disclaimer: I do not make those vids…
  23. VFGiPJP

    A-29 Super Tucano

    (Shameless promo) I have made a convoy attack mission which includes the A-29B. Due to the low speed and limited loadout, it may be much harder than the other planes. Please give it a try:
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