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  1. Cannot find it on ED’s page. Please assist.
  2. The briefings mention more planes to shoot at but none shows up as advertised.
  3. I thought OB is the same as Stable as they have the same version number.
  4. You will have to restart DCS and the module manager will inform you that you have a new module to download.
  5. I check and there it is! Can’t wait!
  6. As a learner to DCS video contents making, running a recorded mission is like making a video from multiple camera, which would be impossible if one does it in real-time, even using auto-pilot. I am trying the dedicated server route but since my computer is very limited in memory, I don't know if it would be a good idea.
  7. Are they supposed to be no functional? I really want to change the FoV of the external cameras.
  8. It is a shame. Thank goodness I do not have too many planes -- yet.
  9. Thanks. My bad. And I have to do this for all the planes, right?
  10. I wish to add key bindings in the "General" section, especially the "View" subsection, so that I can move the camera in VR sessions. I can assign the keys without any conflict, but the new bindings do not work. Worse, when I remove the default bindings and replace them with new ones. Well, the new bindings still do not work but the removed ones still work!!! I dunno if this is a feature or a bug, or both. Thank you for reading this.
  11. I think it would be more helpful if you would kindly report it to the A-4E-C thread and/or issues at its GitHub.
  12. Feature wish: an option to start the application with Windows.
  13. I must have done something with the cold start procedure of the Hornet and both CCIP of Hydra and Mk.82 are way off. I tried "start from parking lot" and it runs fine. I cannot change the speech and text of certain dialogue to indicate the correct plane. Initial comment: light anti-ship mission and using unguided weapons makes it interesting. Thanks for making this mission. BTW, I have made a mission of A-4E-C Skyhawk. I think it may be even more interesting. On the other hand, Viggen may be an overkill, even with dumb weapons.
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