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  1. Would like to reserve slots for Red pilots and I @Alpenwolf F14A: Conker4 MiG-29A: Zachrix, CrazyGman (Saturday Only), Davey (Saturday Only) Tactical Commander: Apok SRB (Апок СРБ), Kirk, Cormac, Silent Eagle Ka-50: Tats MiG-21: Paradox
  2. He means that if the mission is set before 1994, then the F18 lacks GPS and I think its alignment is different. On another note, will blues have access to datalink? and is the f14 on red? Also where can I reserve slots?
  3. I am aware of this. There's nothing else you could say other than Red has its advantages....sometimes?
  4. If that is the case then you saw the Mig 15 EWR and Mig 21 EWR. Our helicopters can carry a KUB and Strela in addition to various other things (including EWRs) depending on the mission. For the one you are referencing the helicopters can even carry T72s. Keep in mind these EWRs don’t have great coverage in the first place.
  5. The EWRs were set up by our helicopters in such a spot that they are covered by the SA-15, if your side's helicopters tactically set up defenses and EWRs it would be even. By default in most missions get only 1 EWR each (there is an additional EWR for red that the MiG 21 pilots cant reach). Welcome to the server. As for the r60 that shot is perfectly within his limits granted the opposing fighter had his afterburner on.
  6. To sum up the tks @CAPT_Kirkpatrick mentions, here they are in their files. https://gyazo.com/06e94231c8eb9e536a25a6bc99c32c98 https://gyazo.com/3b44ea59174dd915d4b887dd0482eddc https://gyazo.com/d3afb1fe5c9c0c9fff2f3a75110f8712 @AlpenwolfThe FARP spawns on Battle For Sukhumi Unleashed still have the issue of helicopters spawning inside each other. This is as of yesterday . As for the MiG-29 guy in the slot not really much we could fix with that other than just sucking it up. That person is definitely not new for the people that presume so. I don't really expect th
  7. @AlpenwolfCan you check the Mi-8 spawns for Behind Enemy Lines? It seems as if there is some glitch that prevents their spawning entirely which hampers Red's ability to win the mission effectively. In addition, the FARP spawns on Sukhumi Unleashed make it so helicopters spawn inside each other. I've been told that this is because of a quad helipad system which is quite dated in comparison to others. Thanks
  8. I agree with your analysis, I don't really think balance is crucial to the fun of the game and to the fun of the server. Just wanted to make it to other pilots clear that the R-60 and mistral are sizably different and that the Mi-24 is not a 'Red Mistral. (In terms of an Air to Air capability)' that's all
  9. Never heard of this, this server has limited airframes as Rossmum said so when airframes are depleted it seems to be the case that you just sit at Anapa for well..forever. Pay attention to how long the mission has been going prior
  10. I don't think the r60 and Mistral are balanced together but hey blue needs to make it fair somehow
  11. Going to be interesting to balance, the Hind has a lot worse nav systems and the lack of a datalink will make it less lethal than a Ka-50. I think the balance is going to come with the Shturm (Or Ataka not sure which)'s inability to penetrate the front hull of an M1A2, perhaps a stopgap between the m60a3 and the M1A2 is needed.
  12. @AlpenwolfHey Alpen I am currently playing Prince of Persia and every fighter from Khasab cannot seem to get rearmed. While fighters in Ras El are being able to be rearmed. Warehouse states the amount of missiles to be normal (290) but not a single pilot is able to put stuff on their aircraft.
  13. @AlpenwolfOof, I remember fighting the Mirage on Search and Destroy like a year ago. God I am so glad I fight F14s now hahaha
  14. Please no, if blue pilots cant fight MiG-21s then how will they be able to fight a mirage. This is assuming its on red. Anyway we are getting the F1 anytime in-between the next 3months-10 years.
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