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  1. Big thx ! Vitmax.I´m glad to ear that. I was hoping it to be a bug, but I was beginning to doubt it. Hope they fix it in future patches if not the next one.
  2. I´m having the same problem. Double click trim button = reset trim forces on FFB joystick. Really annoying in some scenarios.(small/fast corrections or ghost clicking) I´m also curious, is this a module-specific feature or a Mi-24 real thing? I rater would prefer mi-8/uh-1 style, with Ctrl-T for resetting the trim as a unique method so I dont accidentally reset trim forces. 100% Agree, fast small corrections are not rare, at least for me, but are becoming a problem with the mi-24... Also, I have a switch mode button in my joy, so the trim buttons become reset trim button, so I don´t lose any button. (Don't use reset trim much often, tho, just to reset rudder trim in mi-24 because of yaw autopilot or preset trim on mission start). +1 for doing double click as an option or remove it completely. Anyone can make double-clicking bind by software, using their joystick profiler or third party software as joyTokey, joystick Gremling , etc. Let the user have control.
  3. Yeah Pls ! Big +1 , I would love to have only cockpit shadows in vr but everything less off.
  4. Thanks a lot for this! That was fast, as usual. I can't play anymore DCS without this mod,Especially sharpening, without it I feel like playing without glasses on FXAA would be awesome also.I miss being able to mix msaa and sharpness, for me they were a very good combination.I agree with aceviper, ED should add sharpening vanilla to dcs
  5. Yep, That happened to me recently and just found the solution. Use an adequate text editor, ie notepad++ to edit your .lua files and save. If you use a regular text editor it saves in a way that doesn't work for the lua and dcs. Hope it helps and good luck with your labels!
  6. Finally IPD in DCS. This was added some time ago in Assetto Corsa and was night and day for VIVE users. I think that some if not most of the games, use a default IPD for Oculus rift that makes for Vive users the world to look small. Also, our real world IPD is different for each person so we perceive the world different regarding size.
  7. This happened to me before, in previous releases. I´m talking from memory, I can´t check this moment, but I think I got this solved just untick and checking again the FFB option because sometimes it shows it like it is active but actually is not.Try also untick, restart the game, tick again restart if it doesn't work. Hope this Help.
  8. Did you guys tried to press KP_5 ? It does reset the seat position,at least for me on vive. Also , read this excellent post for better seat adjustment. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=164892 About the vive zoom support, I´m not sure but I think zoom is a feature that needs support from the vive itself and can not be implemented by ed at this moment as opposite in oculus that does support this.
  9. Yep, I notice the same. I have been trying to figure out for a while but I´m starting to think is a bug, or perhaps I´m doing an incorrect procedure . Maybe this was a unoticed bug due to Crimea map not having neg Lattitudes so it was not previously exposed.
  10. Do you guys are using Virtu MVP? I think I had a problem like that some time ago and deactivating virtumvp fixed it.But i think i had this problem just in map. try too to not use any dll hook and single monitor config .Hope it helps.
  11. I have same issue. But it only happens when Shkval is on standby mode, with just artificila horziont and gray background. No Helios here. Once I active the Shkval, when looking for a target, the behaviour is normal.
  12. It looks like servers overloading, i got it at the third try. Good luck.
  13. I almost forgot.Disable the g940 joy in the joystick list, into the controls panel inside TOH. :music_whistling:
  14. Jaximus Decimus , i had the same problem and i got to solve it.You can use ffb directly because TOH is constantly sending ffb inputs to the joy that overides the ffbsim forces.My workaround was to "lie" to TOH.Unbind your joystick to TOh, and create a virtual joystick with ppjoy. http://wiki.mechlivinglegends.net/index.php?title=PPJoy_for_using_multiple_joysticks and conect it to your joystick with ppjoyjoy http://vt.beckament.net/controller_software/PPJoyJoy-1.0.zip Then in TOH , bind your controls to the virtual joystick, and use ffbsim conected to the real joystick ,no the virtual one. In this way, each program are not interfering with the other one. I made this for being able to use my g940 with freespace, some time ago, so i cant remember now all the details and procedures necesaries to do all this stuff, its a bit complex at the beguining, but there are lot of info on the net.I had it working with TOH and it was really nice. Sorry if im not more specific but is late here... good luky. :thumbup:
  15. after pausing track Ir, press Lalt+c to active mouse control.(Im not sure now about the key comb)
  16. It could be fixed. http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1668530&postcount=5 Cross fingers.
  17. yea! It looks like it have been fixed.Great news! http://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1668530&postcount=5
  18. Im curently doing this in a android tablet.Im using air display so my tablet is a secondary monitor.In this virtual monitor, i place the helios interface, that i have customiced to my desires. CDU , mfd etc... http://www.gadrocsworkshop.com/ You can get here profiles for a10 that can restructured an dresiced to your device resolution. There are lot of info in forums about using helios and how to proper set up it.
  19. Im getting some confusion in this too.I some times have to use /, and other thimes Ralt+/ while using BS comunications,in the same flight. I have to check my keybinding to understand correctly what is happening.Could it be a old profile copatibility problems? I look like there are diferents radio+talk menu combinations. Im at "work" at this moment...:P cant check it
  20. Yep, i was hoping it were solved, but no joy.And not even afficial response to this thread.Did someone opened a ticket?
  21. g940 brocken ffb in BS Same problem here, cant fly the shark, the force feedback becomes erratic.I think this happened in the past.I hope they release soon a quick fix patch.
  22. Same here, you save my day.Thx.
  23. Can you imagine this thing integrated in your DCS cockpit? http://leapmotion.com/ Could it substitute mouse interaction? Or even headtracking without headset? I think devs shoud give it a chance. :joystick:
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