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  1. OB 2.7.8 (as 11/24/21) Multicrew, hot and cold start. If copilot assume trim control (left wall, under blue cover), when switch set down (cover open), pilot see the copilot´s canopy opens. Closes when the "assume trim switch is set to default (up) position. Maybe reported earlier.
  2. No light indication in neither of these buttons. According to Manuel RC6, a red-light dot is shown as in DEC and VISU push buttons. DEC and VISU are ok. Red dot on both when DEC and VISU buttons are pressed. Bug is only graphical; both items work as intended according to RC6 manual.
  3. I suspect around the 10th-19th of December. This launch window gives ED a week, more or less, to publish the first patch to correct some critical bugs before the Orthodox New Year festivities in January.
  4. Yes, you should be able to eject. Maybe a bug regarding the jettison proces.
  5. No problems here: i7-9700K 32gb 2xNvme (pciex) rtx2080
  6. I think it´s a WIP feature. If a HInd is set in the ME with the option "equally responsible": copilot can take control with the collective red guard: Correct Pilot CANNOT take control with the "Assume control switch": pilot front panel under red safety guard. Pilot must use the "request control" as in the other option in the ME (Ask permission) I think it´s WIP.
  7. Yes, that´s the point. I´ve read your excellent post regarding this issue.
  8. A silly question. The cyclic in the operator´s cabin is "folded" until you press the unlock button, this releases the stick and "activate" the pedals. (ok) The collective has a red guard that has to be pressed to connect the colective and assume the helicopter control. Both works as intended when you set the "equally responsible" in the ME options, no need to "request control", only press the red guard bellow the collective and you assume control. But in MP the collective has a "mimic movement" connected with the pilot´s colective movement. Is this correct or the collective must be "folded and with no movement" like the cyclic until you press the guard to liberate it and assume control?
  9. In order to make the 5P58D (slave launcher without the cabin) dependant of the 5P58C (master launcher with the cabin fitted with the instrumentation needed) the following line can be changed: line 34: from: depends_on_unit = { { { "S-300PS 40B6M tr" } } }, to: depends_on_unit = { { { "S-300PS 5P58C ln" } } }, The resultant hierarchy: Slave launcher (5P58D) to Master launcher (5P58C) to Track radar (40B6M) to command post (54K6) to Search radars (64N6 and/or40B6MD). From the more moderns S-300PM onwards, all launchers can fire, but we have the early 80´s S-300PS, Thanks in advance. P.D. In the ME, the 5P58D is named 5P58C and the 5P58C is named 5P58D. It´s a reported bug.
  10. Same bug as the reported and corrected related to the EWR radars range. 160 miles as 160000 meters in the definition lua instead of the 300000 meters (300 km), roughly equivalent to 160 miles. Thanks in advance.
  11. Premise: The ST-68U was used as a primary SR in the S-300PS before the 64N6 BIg Bird, more related to the SA-20 (S-300PM/PMU) Could it be possible to add the ST-68U "Tin Shield" SR to the "required unit" as an option apart from the 64N6 that is present in the definition lua? In the S-300PS 54K6 cp.lua, line 16, where the "depend on unit" is defined, add the "SAM SA-5 S-200 ST-68U "Tin Shield" SR" as a unit required. Something like: "depends_on_unit = { { { "S-300PS 40B6MD sr" } }, { { "S-300PS 64H6E sr" } }, {{"SAM SA-5 S-200 ST-68U "Tin Shield" SR"}},}" Due to the miles-km conversion bug that affect the 64N6 (resolved in the EWR luas), the Tin Shield in far more correct for now as in Thanks in advance.
  12. Regarding the sync problems: Cold start: operator HSI not sync, remains at 0º, Hot start: work as intended ARK-15 maybe WiP or as intended, (Hot start and Cold Start), when copilot takes control, ADF in PIlot´s HSI comes to 0º, operator ADF in HSI works as intended. Same when pilot takes control of ARK-15. Tracks attached.mi-24 pilot cold start synch problem.trk Sorry for the helo crash at the end... copilot not synch.trk
  13. Yes. but I´m talking about the "Menory Mode" of the control set. Some documents talk about set the selector in the "MEMORY" position in other to perform a great circle navigation.
  14. Is this navigational mode (Memory mode) implemented? If it´s implemented, is there any guide about how to set the required parameters?
  15. Seems related with the "assume control" trigger. Need more testing with the "assume control: equally respnsable".
  16. Maybe user related. Yesterday, I tried a multicrew flight with a friend from a cold start. After doing the procedures, the following problem was observed: The HSI only worked for the "player in control", the other player´s HSI was fixed at 0º, and the needle "1" that mark the NDB direction was also fixed at 0º. When the control was assumed by the other pilot, the HSI starts to work and the former "pilot with control" notes that his HSI is set to 0º. Anyone with the same problem?
  17. I was to post the same. HSI stands in magnetic when powered up and press the sync button.
  18. Some ideas, unfortunately not being able to confirm this. It seems that the Greben (or similar) is/was fitted in helos/airframes that have some kind of "autopilots" (course selectors/ route mode) like the KA-32 civilian models, Mi-26, Mi-17 (before they got western avionics). Helos and airplanes without "autopilots route mode/course selectors" were fitted with GMK-1 or similar. Maybe with "Autopilot", or "course selectors in the former USSR", the Gerben or similar is compulsory? Something like: Set MagVar in the KM-2 (or similar), set the Greben in "tune" mode, set the latitude in the Greben, push the synch button to synch the KM-2 value, set the Greben in oper. mode. Select the operating mode. And we´ve got 3 operating modes, two of them like in the Mi-8, gyro, and mag, and a third one, the HDG (ZK) mode. But with the system WiP it´s a bit difficult to say something,
  19. I think that it´s WiP. If the guard receiver switch is set to on, the receiving emergency signal indicator is turned on regardless there is an emergency signal or not. In the attached file there is no unit emitting in the 121.5Mhz (emergency frequency) and the indicator is turned on when you switch on the reception. Emerg receiver light.trk
  20. Arggggg!!!!!! The gyro 1-2 selector!!!!!! You are right.
  21. I think it´s more like in the MI-8MTV system, independent power on for each ADI.
  22. I´ve had the same problems. It seems that the Gerben-1/KM-2 systens are WiP.
  23. Copilot ADI is on even with the FDI switch is off. Seems that the FDI switch in the copilot cockpit is not tied to the "element copilot ADI" and is commanded only using the pilot cockpit switches. Attached screenshot. Thnaks in advance.
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