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  1. Thanks! Yes the wurzbug is more a Fire Control radar.
  2. I´m testing a template with the real positions and number of radars (FReya and Wurzbug). They cover the Normandy map with fixed azimuth.
  3. It would be great that these commands were added in the joystick Lua to make the warthog 2/3 positions switches work. File attached with some examples. bf-109 2pos.lua
  4. Thanks! So the bug is only the “always clean” answer and the Wurzburg “no animation and lack of Fire Control ability”.
  5. In the screenshots both radars are in “default/fixed position”. Both have arguments and implemented animations but for now both are “static”, only difference is that Wurzbug seems to work in full 360º for the IA planes as a EWR, or as a 360º EWR (ranges seem ok) for a Tactical Commander in F10.
  6. I know that it’s not perfect, but if you use the system inside their freq. range and in ww2 maps, the system works better than before 2.7
  7. AFN-2 is not designed to made IFR flights. It´s more of a kind of "early blind landing system" with a very short range. AFN-2 works within the frequencies of the FUG-16. ILS frequencies are outside the FUG-16 limits. AFN-2 must be set to one of the FUG-16 presets except "I" preset (I don´t know if Y fighter is modeled or WIP, so I avoid "I" preset for my tests). As you said, the Y system works with the "I" preset. This is not modeled for now. In the "I" preset you talk in the "I" preset but you don´t hear anything, because the answer is made though the "II" preset. For t
  8. The AFN-2 is a very short range system, is more a kind of “a very primitive blind landing system”. In the ME set the afn frequency coupled with the preset that you set to your home airfield. Later I will try to make some test with the power. The needle only moves when receive signal, so if used with an ATC freq, it only moves when the ATC is answering. Definitely the AFN mustn’t work with NDB, ILS or similar outside the freq band. This is a bug that remains in the modern maps. I will try later. Sorry for my English
  9. Yes, in maps with ndb, and ils (modern maps) works as you said. I’ve only use warbirds with Channel and Normandy maps. So it works better than in pre 27/05
  10. Update: After 27/5 patch, AFN2 works as intented in the Channel Map in the 109K and both 190.
  11. Tested in The Channel map with an Opel Blitz broadcasting in the 38.75mhz. with ATC. When ATC answers, the AFN2 marks distance and bearing. AFN2 working as intented with the FUG16 set at "HOMING" in both tests.
  12. Update: .- using a modern EWR works as intended for blue or red colaitions. Only bug is the information given to the german planes in Imperial. This is related to the WIP "German class" in the sounds lua file. .- using a german EWR (FREYA, with the rotation bug take into account) or EWR/FC (Wurzbug), answer is always: "CLEAN". Workarund for missions: use modern EWR. Due to the bug of the max range (120km instead of 400km) in the modern EWR, there is no Uber-EWR problem if you use the modern EWR for now.
  13. This point seems solved in the 05/20/21 patch.
  14. SS-1 TEL not reassuming route until R-17 impact. Attached mission. Two TEL´s: one shoots at near minimun range, second to nearly maximun range. Each TEL in different groups. Until the second R-17 impact (max range), neither of the MAZ reassume route. Time to "fold launch system and reassume" is the same. So it´s related to the time of flight of the R-17. Test1.miz
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