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  1. Hi Is there a location known as official bombing range or training range in the PG map ? I can imagine there should be an area.
  2. Yeah I must say that Staying in the basket is still hard .... but practice.. practice ... practice
  3. Thanks all .... Actually i did communication wrong and did NOT receive permission to fuel. Guy on discord gave me the tip. Now i do get permission to fuel and it "snaps"on. Lol its rather easy i must say ( wake effecr of though ) ... and i was completely frustrated by attemping for 2 weeks lol, thanks again
  4. Hi I did setup a mission so i can train AAR. C130 / nevada map / F18 I have set my sensitivities at -25 and works great. can approach the basket super slow ... not oscillating. Looks like a PERFECT slow lineup for connection. However the basket is not connecting to the fuel probe and it flies right through my cockpit. Any ideas or setting that i am missing ?
  5. Hi Is it possible to change the DEFAULT zoom level in F2. I find it to much zoomed in on my F18 .. and everytime i need to adjust. Would be great if i can set the default zoom level somewhere
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