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  1. Cannot figure out how to steer whilst taxying an AV8B using X56 Rhino, Will not let me bind Keys so stuck in what to do Also looking in the AXIS commands there are no listings for Nosewheel Steer so must be something to do with Wheel Brakes ????
  2. there are loads of files in there some larger than the 5mb LIMIT ive put the last couple in here as instructed debrief.log dcs.log-20210304-133542.zip dcs.log-20210304-183241.zip
  3. Mate thanks for responding but I have absolutely no idea how to do that
  4. I have a brand new PC a 3070 graphics card loads of Memory and HD Space , Oculus quest 2 VR, Proper cables , x56 Rhino HOTAS and some times the game works ok but more than less i get Game crashes Game Freezes Game continues to run but VR headset goes black, can still see the game running on the Monitor but even with disabling / Enabling Rift it still stays black Game view freezes in VR Headset view, game locks but i can turn my head around and am still looking at the last view before it froze Loads of Lag / Stuttering view. broken image etc Struggl
  5. Hi there, Newbie to DCS and looking to learn. got the basics but need to move on to advanced and maybe join a squadron, preferably one that does training.
  6. I would be interested in joining, served in the RN FAA on 801 Illustrious and Ark Royal (Engineer though) got a Brand spanking new PC top spec and VR Headset, just lack some of the knowledge of flying
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