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  1. Happy Bday Zuk's! Hope you had a great day. :)
  2. "Should servers disable F10 Map view?" -no pun intended..could you be anymore direct? Maybe you mean, Ace setting servers ? Map view Off. Want realism? Print a map for reference. my 2c.
  3. Nice work Nomad. you got some good stats there. Pilotasso better hurry up and get his jet fixed. :P :) Can you not windows update or download the service packs? Are you partitioning? I think as long as the windows partition is less than lets say 80GB, it should be stable. It just wont like the extra GB in 2nd partition. I had this problem on a 250GB drive. It wiped a partition out of existence with data on it, after a windows install on the 20GB first partition. I was dumbfounded, the other partition was gone! off the planet. Ended up installing SP1, then windows disk management saw the full drive size in unallocated partition, formatted it and was fine. From CD install, create partition; and size(this will be the 1st C:drive), then leave left over GB. format later in Windows. GL.
  4. If its a 200GIG Drive or larger than 136GB? You need SP1. Vanilla XP wont see drive larger than 136GB.
  5. On the note of IFF with Helmet. If you Lock in Helmet mode with radar off. then switch radar 'I', you will get the visual 'C' on the HUD indicating friendly. If he's a Foe, it wont show the 'C'. Same can be done in EOS, but I think he'll recieve a lock tone, because EOS(Passive) is switching to Active. Cant be too sure. This is also the case with active missiles selected at that moment. Anyway thats how you can IFF with Helmet or EOS, but it may compromise your invisibility to him. Now IFF with the eagle requires more work with spike sorting, TWS/LRS switching. Thats my 2 cents, hope it helps people IFF correctly before taking unsure shots..
  6. Yes my mistake. I believe its 'C' to indicate it is Friendly in Russian HUD. My short term memory aint that great :P
  7. Least he'll save a friendlies life when he's 1km HOT on the trigger behind a bogey with no initial IFF.
  8. You can still IFF with EOS if Im not mistaken, or maybe this only applies to Helmet mode.. Have heaters selected(R73/27ET,eg.), lock him in EOS; he wont know he's locked. Press 'I' for radar, and HUD will display 'T' I think it is, which will indicate he's a bandit. He still wont know he's locked. You've just IFF'd the bogey, and if he's friendly, relax that trigger ;)
  9. Camera view angle limits? Lockon\Config\View\View.lua If you dont mind me asking, do you have a widescreen?
  10. Great work GA! Your movies always give you those kick of adrenaline moments which are always worth watching over, and over..and the effects you use always so surreal, amazing. I have a few STORY ideas :) -Young pilot in training to the day when called to battle. -A day on the base.(highly active airport, routine training flight) -AFM/BFM training. Pilot training day. -MIA .Downed pilot, advance of airforces to secure extraction. -Naval warfare , Topgun style :P A day in the life of a Navy Pilot. :) Iceman imitation: "you can be my cameraman anytime..."
  11. In the image I posted? I did. lol Its standard green and a copy with color saturation. PM me if you need. You need to get Flaming Cliffs 1.12a ASAP, you're missing out. ;)
  12. Its actually a BMP file, and is LockOn 1.12a file. I will take a look at 1.02 for you over the weekend.
  13. Not sure if this is the blue you are after? You have a reference pic? This thread should be in Mods section.
  14. I know what I want for Xmas. http://www.rcsimulations.com/copyprice.htm pricey. http://avia.russian.ee/cockpits/ka-50mod.jpg 2xTouchbuddy and Saitek modded. drool~~
  15. Yes, yes and yes Id like to see current homebuilt heli pit setups and ideas out there. ;)
  16. Perfect. Looking forward to ShippingCrane Simulator 2007.
  17. Starting to confuse me with all that rotating going on. PM me your msn addy, do you use msn ?
  18. mplog will continue being populated with data until lockon is shutdown and restarted again. Clearing the log and re-populating with mplog data once mission is started again. AFAIK.
  19. Install first. rename main folder from LockOn to Lockon1.02, install again, and rename to LockOn1.12, etc etc Im pretty sure that how you can do it?
  20. Sizeable window please!! you forget protos HL isnt just for Lomac. You can change channel and fly numerous other sims, great feature. Id like private chat channel, with invitation to group conversation maybe? And perhaps a few weeks without a FB channel :P couple of hundred propheads going insane :D
  21. You need a better video card. An AGP card; X800XT/Pro or 6800Ultra will be a huge improvement; you may need to look to ebay for one. If you're looking at better than that, PCI-Express is your only solution. In that case you'd want to consider an entire component upgrade. 1 gig of RAM is a 'must', 2 gig even will help you even more.
  22. I have an X52 as well. The freeplay in the stick like you've mentioned did plague my mind at first, but after use I sort of mentally dismissed it. Small movement precision looks like we cant exactly have unless I guess the stick is strengthened at the point of free movement. I think the main point of the free movement is to compensate for the XY sensors&magnets they they have used for close precision and light feel. My first thoughts of the stick when I got it was a quick disbelief at how much play was in the stick, compared to the previous X45. It sort of still plagues me. Possibly it was a design that was needed, will need to check Saitek forums. There are pics available of each part of the stick in a dismantle process. CH HOTAS is on my 'to buy list' :)
  23. You have got to see this! I recall reading special forces/seals? were equipped with something similar to this but more of a triangle wing backpack where they could fly from a halo for up to 100nm's! Fox-2!!! Flying dude, 2'oclock! :D:D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmZyB_ghpa0&search=loic%20
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