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  1. It was literally tested at Edwards AFB with pictures of it. The USAF tests unconventional loadouts all the time with their test squadrons, that is literally their purpose. Just because the loadout is tested for effects on the airframe does not mean that they are put into the Standard Operating Procedures of the airframe. Which is the exact case with the block 50 viper, station 4 and 6 are not wired to employ the AGM-88C or the AGM-65. So unless substantial evidence is presented otherwise there is zero reason to be able to carry the HARM or MAV on station 4 and 6.
  2. There is a major difference from an aircraft being able to carry a weapon and actually properly deploy/fire the weapon. Yes the F-16 was tested to carry 4 HARMS but it was never made operational to effectively deploy/fire the 2 HARMS on station 4 and 6. That is what is being missed here. The facts are the Viper was never outfitted to properly fire the HARM on station 4 and 6.
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