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  1. You are correct. I am not active on forums and apologize for the double thread. Other post edited and updated. Feel free to merge/delete.
  2. I appreciate the heads up, I would have missed that.
  3. I should also add, all inquiries made thus far have seemingly had the intention to use their own boards for their SimPit’s since the TQS is the item of value. The other items are “free” if you will. If one wants to save on shipping, I’ll only send the TQS. I couldn’t be sure someone’s motivation for wanting something like this. I know why I wanted it, the TQS and they all came together.
  4. It appears you are correct, there are boards out that work, however. The main item of interest is the TQS. I wanted that particular thumb mouse. In my opinion, far superior than the Cougar’s from my experience having owned both previously.
  5. Interested in a brand new F16 TQS and F22 PRO still in the original cellophane packaging? Check my thread DCS Thrustmaster forums.
  6. I should add, I’ve looked for that TQS for probably close to 15 years, but realized as I was about to open the box, I am not really in to 100% realism like some others are. Any reasonable offer will be entertained. I want someone to enjoy this.
  7. Yes, you read that right. Found on EBay as collectibles. Both TQS & stick are made in the USA and in original cellophane packaging. More info, pictures, and/or video if interested in buying. PM me. Am a 100% positive review, verified member of EBay since 2004 and PayPal since 2001. Not a mass reseller. Be well.
  8. Yeah, for real. I’ve been looking for one of these for... 12-15 years? Found it on EBay as a collectible. I think the seller wasn’t aware of tusba’s. Have a RealSim all ready to go, was about to take off original packaging and it dawned on me what a find this might be. Made in Oregon. Any interest in buying? Obviously, pics and/or video if needed by request. Be well. edit: decided to put a picture up too
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