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  1. Give us the unrefined non-game-breaking-bug-ridden version asap ^_^ Thank you for your work Sgt Baker.
  2. Almost feel bad for digging this thread up, but the FM homing in multiplayer is still not working :( 6 years guys...
  3. Cheers mate, this fixed my empty list as well. Thanks! I'd rate it as a bug, as it is totally absurd, I don't even have an ipv6 address (router is not ipv6 capable).
  4. Thanks, an update would be very appreciated. I didn't mean to come through as narky, it's just my not-so-subtle way of bumping the thread. Every MP flight, the RWR singing in your ears for every lock and every launch is very frustrating.
  5. Hey Capt Zeen, Thank you for your awesome work: I ran into some bugs with this profile, maybe you can look into it. - The switch for the fuel dump is inverted in Helios compared to the cockpit one. - The Master RESET switch pressed in Helios doesn't do anything in DCS. I rummaged through the lua files, and I can't find the problem (the device ID and command ID are good...) Cheers!
  6. Why isn't this bug getting more attention? It's the n°1 annoyance right now in MP, as it messes up SA and tactics, and it's been reported for -years-! It should be somewhere near the top of the list, and I never see it adressed. Can we at least get a report that it's closed to being fixed in a coming update? Or is the MP community that small that we just get to live with it?
  7. Hey guys, I have 2 problems with using MOOSE lately: -1--- I'm trying to use the AI_FORMATION for arranging choppers instead of bombers, with no luck. The followers are in the vicinity of a carrier and decide to land straight away. I'm literally using the 5 lines of code alone to test it (Had RAT working with it previously, any way to make it less verbose in the log?) local FollowGroupSet = SET_GROUP:New():FilterCategories("helicopter"):FilterCoalitions("blue"):FilterPrefixes("PEDRO"):FilterStart() FollowGroupSet:Flush() local LeaderUnit = UNIT:FindByName( "Leader" ) local Vol_Pedro
  8. Hello, Here's what happened: - Ran out of fuel 5 nm from airstrip, flameout - Landed with no power, ran of of Hydro pressure stopping - Got a ground crew to refuel & rearm - Got the power and air cart again - Ran the checklist again (Throttle OFF, Air Source OFF, etc.) -> Engine (R or L) won't start with normal crank, nor with the backup ignition, IDLE or OFF Bug? Normal behaviour? Would there be anything I missed?
  9. Sgt Baker previously stated that unless he had a generous gift in the form of a M2000 license, this won't happen anytime soon. Asking again is useless, but a donation for that awesome piece of software may contribute toward that goal.
  10. I'd be really interested in the STL as well! :)
  11. Awesome, can't wait ! Keep up the great work :)
  12. Ah, I wasn't aware it had been working for clients, always tested my missions/scripts as a server. Yeah the magical disappearing is less than ideal, but it's the closest there is atm, sadly. I juts think the priority is somewhere out there with the working ATC (if not less)...
  13. I guess that's the same logic as what xcom proposed. It's a nice substitute, but it doesn't hold the guilty pleasure of seeing the smoking dead husk of your target before disappearing when the script tells it to.
  14. Yup, I've been waiting patiently for 3 years now, hoping one day I can finish my training mission without units spawning stacking on top of wrecks. Yes I know there are alternatives, such as offsetting units or what xcom implemented which would suffice for training purposes I guess... But I'm lazy and stubborn !! [emoji14] Bring on the garbage collector!! :D
  15. I'm not talking about the DCS world where jamming is a single button broadband noise. A pulse doppler radar is not processing any returned frequency out there, it's tailored to process (and filter!) it's own frequency modulo a doppler shift. So besides an adaptative (defense mode for capable fighters) or broadband (only a few a/c capable) jamming, I'm genuinely curious on how and to what purpose the SNIFF mode is used (GG?) Tactically, I'll stick to my guns and repeat that HOJ with no other way to determine distance to target is ridiculous. HOJ is most used when your missile is being jamm
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