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  1. @QuiGon Danke nochmals. Hat soweit erstmal alles geklappt.
  2. Usually a 30% discount. This will be reduced to 20% when early access starts. At least this was the case for the Hind.
  3. @QuiGon Wow, vielen Dank für die schnelle und ausführliche Antwort. Ich werde das heute Abend mal ausprobieren
  4. Ich habe in den letzten Tagen angefangen, mich mal endlich mit dem Thema A-A auseinander zu setzen nachdem ich vornehmlich erst einmal nur Erde umgewälzt habe. Nach haufenweise Tutorial Videos ist mir der Theoretische Teil so weit klar allerdings hapert es noch ein wenig an der Bedienung weshalb ich ein paar Fragen habe. 1. Gefühlt verstellen sich meine Setups wie Anzahl Bars und Kontakt-Lifetime ständig "von selbst" was dazu führt dass ich regelmäßig Kontakte verliere weil ich von nicht mehr aktuellen Settings ausgehe. Soweit ich das jetzt mitbekommen habe kann ein Waffenwechsel beispielsweise die Anzahl bars ändern. Auch TWS und RWS scheinen da eigene Settings zu haben. Kann mir jemand einmal erklären welche Submodi ihre eigenen Einstellungen haben und ob diese beim zurückwechseln wieder hergestellt werden oder muss ich die neu vornehmen. 2. Kann man datalink kontakte über eine option schnell mal ausblenden? Bei vollen Lufträumen ist es manchmal schwer zu erkennen (VR) welche Kontakt das Radar sieht und welche nicht. 3. Ich habe in einem Video von Wags auf dem linken DDI einen zusätzliche Ansicht gesehen, die offenbar auch was mit dem Radar zu tun hat. Sah auf den ersten Blick so aus als wäre es eine art Radar FOV, ich kann mich da aber auch irren. Hatte die auch schon mal ganz kurz offen, konnte aber in dem Moment noch nichts damit anfangen. Glaube im A-A muss man einfach nur SCS links drücken um die Seite aufzurufen. Kann mir wer erklären was die Seite macht ung ggf eine Video verlinken? Falls ihr nicht wisst, welche Seite ich meine, kann ich später noch mal gucken welches Video von Wags es war und das verlinken. Momentan ist mir das nicht möglich.
  5. Found this misplaced yellow point light. It actually belongs to the "BATT SW" caution light on the caution light panel below. I also attached a short track (before somebody asks for it ). hornet_light_bug.trk
  6. All variants of the Leopard 2 MBT seem to ignore the distance measured by the laser range finder. The projectiles always fall short at higher distances. The HE rounds are just fine. I have attached a track file to demonstreate the problem for all 4 variants. As reference, I also fired some shots with an Abrams that does not have this problem. bug_leopard2.trk
  7. So what does "W" stand for?
  8. If RW and LW stands for right wing and left wing, I guess no pictures are needed. Good find.
  9. I am currently building a new practice mission and want to keep things half way realistic. While I can place the launchers of a Sa-10 or Sa-11 in DCS multiple miles away from the command vehicles and search radars, I am wondering which real life limitations apply to those systems. How is the data transferred and what are the maximum unit distances?
  10. Thank you. It worked (partially). The non-functional directions were missing physical button mappings (right side on the screenshot you posted). Now everything is set up to my liking. Thanks again.
  11. Hey guys, maybe some of you want to support my feature request in the wishlist:
  12. To everybody that owns the Plus version: I just created a feature request in the huey forum that you might want to support:
  13. I would really like to have an option to cover the full movement range of the throttle with a controller axis. I recently got a VIRPIL rotor base plus and there is no possibility to move below the idle stop in the huey. The axis movement range is limited between idle and max power. The VIRPIL base has a physical idle stop that also functions as a button and it would be great if we get the possibility to actually use this feature in DCS.
  14. @71st_Mastiff I have the same setup. Are your 4 way hats working correctly in DCS? Mine have the problem that one of the directions isn't recognized by DCS. So I have to use button press as stand in, which is always triggered when you move any direction above the "click-threshold".
  15. Good points. Don't want to argue here because I have no real life training/experience on that topic nor did I do any in depth research about it, but I would think that staying hidden with only unmasking the sensors vertically can be performed in more situations than laterally. The latter one requires a slope/edge while the first one can almost always be performed behind any obstacle you are hiding behind. Maybe I am missing something or the possibilities for lateral sensor unmasking are various enough in reality but can you maybe give some examples where Iateral unmasking is more beneficial than vertical. As I said, don't want to argue. I am just curious to get another perspective here.
  16. Yes, the optics of the Kiowa are over the rotor. So you can spot targets visually while hiding in cover. Lasing should also work, but I am not sure. The Apache can detect targets with the radar while in cover, but for visual identification or lasing, you need to pop up and expose yourself.
  17. If there is any module I would invest the time to master it, it is the Apache. Longbow 2 made me fall in love with this helicopter. Since then, I was waiting for a new sim with state of the art technology that includes this awesome aircraft. Think many of the rotorheads here feel the same
  18. I think the HMD aiming is just meant to be a method to respond to immediate threads like MANPADS. If something is in your visual range so that you can actually use the HMD, you are way to close. Also saw a video where an actual Apache Pilot basically just said that. Think it was an interview by the grim reapers. However, in DCS, where you don't have to fear to lose your life, it will probably be a lot of fun, especially in VR. Flew a small training mission attacking troops inside of a city yesterday with the Ka-50 and when I ran out of missiles, I decided to have some fun. I flew close above the ground between the buildings and used the HMD to fire the 30mm at everything that appeared in my FOV. Had tons of fun, but the problem with the Ka-50 is the limited area that you can cover with the gun. You constantly need to turn the helicopter, especially if something pops up on the left, which costs valuable time. The Apache can turn its gun almost 90 degrees to each side... this will be so much fun ... hope they announce pre order soon. Summer is almost over
  19. They charged my paypal account for the money about 2 weeks ago, but I didn't receive a mail
  20. @1stBEAST Habe gerade deinen Beitrag von gestern früh gelesen. Finde es nicht gut von dir, dass du hier Sachen postest, die ich kurz vorm schlafen gehen lese und die mich dann vor lauter Vorfreude auf das Modul so hibbelig werden lassen, dass ich nicht mehr einschlafen kann. Shame on you! Spaß bei Seite. Wirklich toller und informativer Beitrag. Wäre ich nicht so faul, würde ich mir glatt einen Troll-account zulegen um den nochmal zu liken
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