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  1. Really? I didn't know that. I'll change the tanker and revert back asap. Thank You Edit: It worked like a charm, I didn't know of this bug. Thank You Once again!
  2. Greetings! I've created a mission on DCS Mission Editor. Whatever I do, the KC135 MPRS, is not responding. 1.) Easy radio is 'unchecked', both in my settings and mission's settings. 2.) the radio is tuned and checked, different UHF AM (F16 com 1) frequencies have been tried and tested. 3.) DCS repair has been done. P.S. - Mission attached below. - I can perfectly communicate with the tanker in SP Instant Mission AAR - I can communicate with tankers on multiplayer servers as well. I would highly appreciate any help. Thank You OPERATION MORNING FURY - MP Test MIZ SG.miz
  3. Hey @baltic_dragon! First of all thank you for the Av8b campaign. Its been going great. However, I can confirm that the problem with M05 still exists, where a truck never moves out of the way of the 4th wingman and therefore, the whole mission doesn't work well. I have tried the fix provided above as well, with no joy so far. Thanks
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