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  1. Played it again, today. Same issue. Also watch another guy struggle on the number 1 spot for 15 minutes or so, until he moved to another spot. There is definitely something going on in that spot.
  2. Played "When The Mountains Cry", today. Huey in number one slot would not start under any circumstances. It goes through all the motions, except the rotor stays still and will not fly. I moved to the the number four slot and that one started. Not sure if it was my side glitching or the server. Just putting it out there in case it comes up again.
  3. Only issue with that is the rarity of good Gazelle pilots. Very few and far between. I would rather see less Hinds, or give us something to shoot them down with when they want to float around at 6000 feet. My Huey has to drop 300 rounds into the darn things. But, still fun in any form.
  4. Thanks, that was exactly the problem. Pausing TrackerIR fixed the issue.
  5. I'm trying to sort out using CA. Sorry for this dumb question but... When I get in a unit, lets say for example a Bradley (it can be any unit. Makes no difference), I see the aiming piper, I can move it around... but I can't seem to aim at anything! If I using mouse and put it on an enemy vehicle, the shot could be 180 degrees off, or 60, or 10. Never shoots where I want. What am I missing?
  6. I get it, but kinda disagree. It's within the parameters of the game and something that would be done even in real battles. Work a plan and stop him. Not having GCI to counter the actions by guiding aircraft to keep him occupied, and to shut down Hawk and EWR's when they are being hunted, and have the helicopters out dropping replacements is the greater fault.
  7. I've only been playing this game for about 3 months now. Mike-Delta has been indispensable in improving my learning curve. The guy is soooo knowledgeable, and freely shares that knowledge. Bless the man. On another note, Thank you, Alpenwolf. This is really the only server I truly enjoy. There are some real good guys (good as in decent people) playing here and the scenarios are very good (All except Allied Assault... I hate that one). I suggest you post your donation info in the Server Information of the Multiplayer selection screen. The flash message in the game not the best... goes by before I really copy down anything because I'm busy playing.
  8. Love the Huey. Found my DCS calling in flying it. I do have a big complaint though. While I spend sometimes hours flying around at 100knts, placing AA, EWR's, Tanks, Bradleys, and numerous other equipment that help keep fighter jocks safe in the skies, chopper pilots get no notice/points on the game board score card. Watching enemy Migs chasing F5's, get blown out of the sky by AA defenses I've spent an hour setting up... and troops I've dropped off attacking installations... I think, "Would be nice if I got credit for those kills". Instead, all I see on the score card is how many times I've been gunned down from behind while setting up those defenses and delivering those troops. Maybe this could be corrected?
  9. Can I turn off the "easy" mode versions of aircraft for non-multiplayer missions and training/instant action selections? It's difficult to learn the systems when you can't fly with realist settings. Thanks in advance!
  10. What do you need to perform the "Magic" role in the game, and how do you drive the vehicles? Obviously, I'm new to this! Thanks in advance! Miccara
  11. Upgrade from to has prevented the game from working at all. I just get this error message at the end of the upgrade or if I try to run the game... "00020.257 STATUS: Can't delete C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World OpenBeta\CoreMods/aircraft/AV8BNA/bin/AV8B_AI.dll: (5) Access is denied. 00021.151 === Log closed." Please help, can't play the game.
  12. Thinking of buying the Huey. I have a Warthog setup and wondered how you manage flying a chopper without a collective control? What do I really need to fly choppers on DCS?
  13. Lange, thank you very much! I appreciate the effort. All mysteries have been solved thanks to you and the others. I'll see you in the sky!
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