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  1. By the way, nice touch on the CGAS Clearwater markings. These guys are based about 10 minutes from where I live.
  2. Wheel textures appear rather wonky. Possibly a misaligned texture file?
  3. My $0.02: Put whatever weapons on a ship that would make it useful for its intended purpose, while staying reasonably realistic. The ships in the game are not 100% realistic, but are reasonably useful for their intended purpose. If the 50 cals help make the ship more useful, then I'd say just add them, but if it does not affect the true usefulness of the ship, then it is not necessary.
  4. How do I go about getting that SH-3?
  5. Looking good @Admiral189 I'm glad to hear you are working on some escorts for the Forrestal. Keep up the amazing work!
  6. @Admiral189 I am linking lists of the various other hull numbers that go with some of your ships like what I posted regarding the Constellation. Hopefully this makes things easier if/when you give those ships other hull numbers.
  7. Are there plans to add the enclosed bridge? Is it even possible?
  8. I wonder if anyone could update the Spruance?
  9. @Admiral189The Kidd works, but the Spruance does not.
  10. Regardless of hype, I am looking forward to this mod when it comes out, and i will wait patiently for it.
  11. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Constellation_(FFG-62) the first 3 are shown.
  12. I can't wait to try out the America. @Admiral189 do you have any plans to offer other hull numbers for some of your other ships like the Patuxent, Constellation and others?
  13. I second this. I am fairly new to DCS, and this is the first thread I followed on the forums. These ships may not have the fidelity of payware, but they are masterpieces nonetheless. Keep up the fantastic work.
  14. This would be cool. I'd settle for a Spruance for Late-Cold-War/1990s ops, though.
  15. Any chance of an INS Vikrant skin?
  16. This is awesome! Now all we need are HBs Forrestal and A-6 and someone to resurrect the Spruance and we have a good late-cold-war lineup.
  17. Has anyone had any luck getting the Spruance mod on the user files section to work in 2.7? For me it is selectable in the ME but does not show up in the viewer.
  18. I second the 80s Iowa. This would be a great addition to a late-cold-war era task force.
  19. I'm very much looking forward to adding this ship to my fleet. Looks great @Admiral189!!!
  20. With all these awesome models, I'd love to see a modernized Iowa. It would be a great companion to the Forrestals.
  21. These are some fantastic ships. I've already made use of quite a few of them. Keep up the amazing work!
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