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  1. Hi. So I Fly my F16 and the hud will shut off. I roll the dial up and it will show again but then just at random it will turn off. It continuously happened to the point I gave up on flying it till its fixed Wondering if this is a bug or whats wrong with my hud. anyone else having this same issue
  2. Hoping Razbam and DCS Can change the way the AutoStart was previously to the last big update. Now we have to do the INS align. Honestly its quite frustrating. When Auto Starting we are hoping for ease and I love flying this plane but Im having a hell of a time getting it aligned. perhaps a video or possibly making the AutoStart procedure easier so we can be ready for flight rather then having to look up out longitude and latitude. I'm just disappointed that I'm so confused and feel I can now not fly my Mirage.
  3. i am just hoping that the developers could change it back to the way it was before 2.7 came out. When Auto starting the Mirage 2000c you use to get auto align and that is no longer a thing. Now the system doesn't show on the hud and we have to go through the whole setup of INS. its a real pain and some of us just want to be able to fly. I for one come home and look forward all day to flying but when you are old like me lol. scrolling in and out of view to type in the numbers takes away from the actual flying experience. I just am hoping that perhaps the Mirage can have this back wher
  4. thank you very much. Appreciate you time and getting back to me. Have a great day
  5. this is the fix i found. . next response ill get the logs clickabledata.lua command_defs.lua device_init.lua VTB_page_0.lua VTB_page_4.lua HUD_page_2.lua default.lua I hope this helps. Thanks for your time dcs.log-20210216-174719.zip
  6. Hi guys. So there is a fix for this but no instructions on how or where to put the downloadable files. So when starting the aircraft with quick start the plane with crash the game and well Its how I start the plane. I don't know the procedure how to do it manually yet. You can find the fix but I do not know where these files go. it comes as a mods folder and within that there is a aircraft, then a Mirage and finally a few other like cockpit and ext..... My question is do I just need to put the files into mods or do I need to put each one into there respectiv
  7. Hi there guys. New to this and bad with computers so I am asking for some help. I am wanting to fly My Mirage 2000c, In DCS. I get into the aircraft and about 30 seconds later after using the quick start or auto start it will crash. Now I have managed to find out that in the last update there was an issue with this and there is a file out there now to correct it. The file is a Mod folder but within it there is a aircraft, then cockpit, So I downloaded that file and put it to my desktop. My question is do I put the folder into Mods or do I need to open and pu
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