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  1. Would be awesome if you could work on a Perth Class/Charles F. Adams Class as an escort for the HMAS Melbourne mod.
  2. I am happy to keep helping you in this, unfortunately about the fully loaded and fueled F-14 problems, I do not believe we can ever properly fix it due to the size of the landing area in the ship and how far the large and heavy aircraft will pull the wires.
  3. I see what you did now, you had them at 100% fuel and fully loaded, for a small airplane that's already a very dangerous thing, for a large and extremely heavy aircraft, that's almost unthinkable, even in a supercarrier, which is why they are pulling the wires so far, in real life they would just rip the wires off. Not sure there's much we can do about this as the Melbourne is already small, if you notice, they pull the wires until the front wheel is already over the deck in the situation you're attempting. If you give them a light load and 35% fuel, they land and taxi just fine.
  4. Could you share the .mis file or tell us the steps to reproduce the taxi bug? I have been unable to reproduce it.
  5. Parameters as I had stated before Wind 5Knts Ship Speed 16Knts F/A-18 35% fuel It will work much better with smaller aircraft of course, the Melbourne is a very small ship. If you want to use an F-14, you really need a Supercarrier. As a rule, if it won't fit the Elevator, it shouldn't be on deck.
  6. If you use a smaller airplane such as the S-3, it should work fine to both launch from parking and land. You should only run into problems when you look at large aircraft like the F-14, Su-33, E-2D, etc as they dont fit into 1 parking space. The A-4 launch problem is a problem on the A-4 mod itself and is being looked into by that team. Also, try having the ship moving at at least 16Knts, sailing into a at least 5Knt wind and not having full fuel onboard, the F/A-18 should have no trouble taking off and landing. It's going around because it's too heavy to land.
  7. The F-14 is far too large and heavy to use on the Melbourne, basically what happens is when it lands it pulls the wire much too far (I'm surprised it doesnt actually end up in the drink). Also the F-14 will not fit into the standard parking spots sized for A-4.
  8. @BungoI have been trying to get the parking areas to work, I found out that the second to last waypoint for parking 2-6 is too close to the catapult and so they stop too close and start circling around. I moved it a little bit backwards and they do not circle around anymore. There's something with the catapult however, they taxi to it but when they hook up they teleport a little ahead and then fall through the model and explode. It doesn't seem to be the catapult location in the lua as they taxi and stop at the correct position. Have you taken a look at it yourself and is there something I cou
  9. Amazing stuff, thank you so much for taking your time making these!
  10. Looks absolutely amazing, thank you so much for doing these!
  11. Love your skins! Was the 887 that blueish though? All the pictures I saw it was a more muted almost grey color, seems a little out of place. Great work though EDIT: Found this color guide, bad picture but it says light grey: http://img.wp.scn.ru/camms/ar/783/pics/139_1.jpg
  12. If you're in the periphery of it, could you put in a good word to release it for us?
  13. Yea there's a few problems regarding AI launching and landing, I've had some success launching and recovering some AI aircraft like the C-2, but only the first airplane will launch. Seems to be a problem with the parking spots where the next wont be able to reach the catapult. I'm sure these issues will be resolved soon
  14. @Bungohas the S-2 Tracker been released yet?
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