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  1. That's what I did. It's fantastic! F-14, F-5E, MiG-21, Mirage 2000 and Viggen looks the most tempting. Mi-24 soon. I can agree, after years of F4.0 i was sure it's not the thing i would enjoy really. Instead of system manager i want to feel like a pilot. I prefer low flying turning and shooting gun, unguided rockets and dumb cluster bombs, aim them manually with my skill rather than long range guided smart things. That's why i asked if there is no A-10A as full realism module. Good thing is A-10A from FC3 received professional flight model and quality external model from A
  2. What real life F-15 pilot (not we - armchair generals drinking liquor) flying jets for 20 years, Squadron Commander flight in Gulf says about F-15A vs F-15C differences:
  3. Thanks, i didn't know that. I always thought F-15E with PW229 and a few additional "tons" of thrust would have similar acceleration, but to be honest i didn't see an acceleration chart to compare them. BFM i knew "Mudhen" wouldn't be a challenge for "light grey" single seater, but with AIM-120 i don't see this as a problem. I wish F-15C didn't receive PW229 like F-16 did, but it required slight rebuild of engine compartment and since Soviets collapsed any challenge to US air superiority disappeared so money cuts were so deep nothing like that was possible. They barely saved F
  4. Wasn't F-15E as good as C as "AMRAAM truck"? I've seen 3rd party is making F-15E.
  5. I voted yes but i was thinking about Cold War 1970s -1980s Sparrow/Sidewinder dogfighting Eagle from F-15A to F-15C MSIP II. F-15C from 2000s as another AMRAAM truck BVR datalink standoff it would be no, please no, it's enough.
  6. With all the effort ED made to create realistic aircraft carrier operations and Heatblur Forrestal Cold War carrier coming i think it would be a big missed opportunity not to make any Navy Phantom to use all of that. I think F-4E for the USAF and F-4J for the Navy could be the sweet spot. Both were direct counterparts for corresponding services, both have some advantages over each other to make both of them interesting. F-4E having internal gun and F-4J having more powerfull radar able to look down and carrier capable. Both having very interesting history full of warfare.
  7. That's the whole paragraph: Did you ommit the part which didn't serve you by purpose? And for me WT talk is over as well.
  8. No. This one is blatant lie. WT A-A missiles are utter fiction. If you really think WT does a better job or is even comparable to DCS go play WT. With this mindset you will never appreciate what DCS really is, ED takes painstaking work and years to model one plane as realistic as possible while WT is making 20-30 completely fictional generic copy-paste planes at the same time.
  9. Among people without military background, there is some huge misunderstanding of what the collapse of the USSR was from a military and political point of view. You wrote i like 1980s and i like 1990s - like it would be something similar. But from military point of view this were two most extremaly different decades of XX centaury rivaled only by 1940s with WW2. In 1980s Soviet Union surrounded with it's allies/satellites had one of the most powerfull military might in human history with manpower, allies and industry to support it and able to compete as equals on nearly ever
  10. I can see TRAM Intruder fit perfectly for Cold War and 1980s servers. Being honest in "modern" servers against 2005 versions of F-16, F/A-18, JF-17 with datalinks, AMRAAMS it would be not only not usable at all but also completely unrealistic, being phased out decade earlier. With all the Cold War modules being built A-7E Crusader II, Mi-24P, MiG-23MLA, (i also heard soviet Cold War MiG-29A), Mirage F.1, F-8J Crusader, Bolkov 105, Sea Harrier, Falklands 1982 map and Forrestal aircraft carrier i can see Cold War servers being the most popular in a year or two and Intruder will be ex
  11. Who ever came up with the idea to call Desert Storm "high threat enviroment"? Some 30-40 US aircrafts has been shoot down during all Desert Shield, Desert Storm and no-fly zone combined. In Vietnam US lost about 10 000 aircrafts. (in words ten thousand!) Some 300 times more. Still even Vietnam was a lot "smaller threat enviroment" than prospective war against Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact in Europe with their 14000 combat aircrafts. Saddam announced that the war would be completely different, the Americans would be bogged down in the sands of the desert
  12. I see the solution. Heatblur made both: F-14A which consisted vast majority of the fleet and made all the fighting in all 1980s, Gulf of Sidra 1981 against Su-22s, 1989 against MiG-23s, whole Iraq-Iran war. And F-14B which may not kill any enemy and consisted only small amount of F-14 fleet. Heatblur can make both A-6E: TRAM/WCSI which consisted vast majority of the fleet and made all the fighting in all 1980s Lebanon, Sidra, El Drado, Prying Mantis, Desert Storm with original analog fuel gauge, no integrated missile panel and orginal RWR. And standoff capable 1990s SWIP which
  13. I didn't see find source to confirm that. Do you have any data to support this table? I'll ask at Intruder Assotiation the by an email, they should still remember. But anyway, the first operation any squadron using SWIP aircraft was Desert Storm.
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