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  1. Best case scenario it's the wrong build that has been pushed, which isn't too encouraging.
  2. Thanks, a good list of up-to-date tutorials is exactly what I was looking for! :)
  3. I was also able to reproduce this. Even though it's been reported here's a track file of the issue occurring during the "Convential Bombing" Caucasus Instant Action mission. Just select the Mk82 (also happens with other types) and release. I also noticed something similar happening with air to air weapons, but less often. No track of that yet. hornetMultipleBombsSinglePress.trk
  4. I can confirm this issue. So far only tested in a clean mission without any other aircraft.
  5. Well, no, but think of the first impression from a new DCS pilot: he/she may be following along the startup tutorial, but the module just doesn't work for no discernible reason. I seriously doubt this is going to leave a particularly good impression. This bug should just have been classified as a showstopper, there aren't any excuses if the startup sequence doesn't work. It's not like some obscure gauge giving a false reading in some uncommon circumstance, it's a key phase in the operation of the aircraft.
  6. Wouldn't it be possible to release a "manual update", i.e. the files to be replaced here on the forums? I remember Leatherneck having done it one or two times in the past for a hotfix until the official patch could be released. At least for those who only fly offline it would be a viable solution. In any case, cheers for your effort in getting the fix out! :)
  7. If you have 12GB and 4 slots filled I guess you're in a similar situation to mine: 2*2GB and 2*4GB. You could swap the 2*2GB with 2*8GB and so have 24GB or just swap with additional 2*4GB and so reach the 16GB requirement with less expense.
  8. PMDG have announced that they will support FSX:SE, but they first need to ascertain what needs to be changed, especially regarding the installer its path detection. It appears that while not bringing miraculous performance increases, OOM errors when using many add-ons are a thing of the past.
  9. I know that nothing will be released tomorrow, but whoever made and put the banner up has got to realize that it will be hyped to no tomorrow...I mean, an F/A-18C, with explicit references to Christmas, ready to launch.
  10. That works fine on my system, but the Saitek profiler is broken in thhe latest build, i.e. one button press results in a very fast repetition of the programmed key press. This is an issue normally due to a very specific teamspeak setting, but I do not have that program installed currently.
  11. Sorry for the necro-post, but this is by far the best thread I've found to ask if anyone else running Windows 10 has been having problems launching DCS World. It may either load correctly, load very slowly or not load at all seemingly at random. Graphics drivers and OS have been updated to latest version, as has DCS. Sometime changing compatibility mode makes it start up fine, but, again, only some times.
  12. 80MB/s for a mechanical drive isn't terrible at all. Can't you turn down some quality settings of the recording software or toy around with some compression? More than 80MB/s of video seems to be a very high amount of data for it.
  13. The bodies of two crew members have been found. I'm afraid that after more than 24 h it's reasonable to assume the worst also for the other two.
  14. Here my first non-deadly take-off and subsequent flight!
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