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  1. Under the my orders tab on the fox2 studio website I see my order and it shows that I've payed but it only says wait for delivery, remind of delivery and request refund
  2. I ordered the Orion hotas system from the American website fox2 as linked in the description of Grim Reapers videos on YouTube. I placed my order on 6/24 and still haven't gotten a confirmation email or a tracking number (today is 6/26).
  3. Intrepidus4


    How long does the Orion set take to be delivered? I ordered it late on a Thursday night and haven't received a conformation email or tracking number or anything.
  4. Is the only thing you do in this campaign a familiarization flight or are there other missions. Every time I go into the campaign it just let's me do that one mission even thought I've already completed it successfully. Is there something I'm missing?
  5. What buttons and switches work in the SU-25T cockpit and which ones have to be used with keybinding?
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