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  1. Performance has mostly been fine but im still majorly bugged that running the F-14 cockpit on high textures causes massive FPS drops and no other condition seems to. I've tried different V-sync settings, lowered display res and refresh rates, turned on and off shadows. Nothing consistently affects VR performance for me more than cockpit textures.
  2. Not really talking low-level automation per se, something like an autoloader is reasonable enough since it enabled them to economize on crews. Thinking more along the lines of a FADEC or digital flight management system.
  3. The Hind is the product of an Army that was still configured like a 1945 Tank Army-a configuration which was by no means an unwise one until around 1985 or so. Westerners think of everything in terms of squads and individual tank aces winning local battles. Soviet leaders did not think about minor setbacks these threats could manage. Germany's reliance on Ace Fighters and technical sophistication did it no good in 1944, there was no indication much had changed in 1965 or even in 1975. Battles were still likely to be events of what were fundamentally numbers and arms match ups. The Soviets did
  4. It never fails to amuse me how westerners react to foreign equipment once they learn about it. Imagine being shocked that a first generation attack helicopter from the Soviet Union might not in fact have GPS guided munitions. The Soviets just didn't approach their tactical problems with as much blind faith in technical sophistication as the west did. You don't send one or two of anything you send many and just totally pulverize the grid square. Guys saying the Hind is closer to the Su-25A than the Apache are completely right. It was designed to be an integral part of an overall combined arms s
  5. Haven't been experiencing problems in VR with helicopters on the Quest 2.
  6. It's the Operation Yashima scene of Rebuild of Evangelion 1.0. Someone mentioned the S-300 being able to vaporize around 30+ HARMs at a time and the scene seemed pretty applicable.
  7. DocHawkeye

    DCS 2.7

    I wonder if they're going to co-release Mosquito along with 2.7 as sort of the "killer app" for the 2.7 patch...
  8. Well a big thing to consider here are the real world reasons Russian weapons development has actually lagged behind western development and why so much legacy Warsaw Pact stuff is still relied upon. When the Soviet Union collapsed the region's priorities shifted to more immediate problems like civil order and food supply, so super-abstract stuff like fighter development got shelved for a period of at least a decade, and it was already in danger of falling behind western competing western developments in a number of places. This is not to say that aircraft like the Su-27/33 and MiG-29 weren't c
  9. Stable changelog (digitalcombatsimulator.com) Stable release full notes. More than campaigns, of particular interest to me is that the DDD's shaders in the F-14 were changed for better performance. I have suspected something in the RIO cockpit was being a performance hog. The DDD still might not be it, but before this patch I couldn't play F-14 with VR texture packs. Now I can play it fine at medium. High is still too demanding.
  10. The patch just released by ED for DCS. It looks like it threw out my VR texture packs and im not sure if I can just reinstall them since I assume they need to be upgraded now as well? OTOH Link disconnects totally went away when I just dropped textures to "Medium". Before I had pretty rough performance with the F-14 even at medium textures but now it's much more smooth. All-around performance between modules is more consistent now after this patch. Only trouble is that the Flaming Cliffs airplanes start getting pretty ugly at Medium textures and I was playing on High to accommodate
  11. Today's update started giving me tons of Oculus Link disconnects...
  12. There's some kind of relationship between flipping through external views and link disconnects for me. If I avoid rapidly flipping through external aircraft views the problem doesn't seem to emerge. The disclaimer here for me again is that I don't play multi so I can't offer any advice there.
  13. I'm also getting the Link reset issue now, but just about everytime its been associated with the loading phase of a mission. I haven't had any issues in play. I suspect it might have something to do with the new hand-tracking feature in the software. I disabled hand controllers in DCS a while ago so I bet doing that might prevent issues in play for others, but i'm unsure. Good and bad news for my F-14 VR issues. The bad news is that the SSD did not fix the stutter/lag on F-14 or Syria. The good news is using both lxssapper's and Wazowsky's texture mods I did fix F-14 and can run DC
  14. That's just the one I grabbed Alpine. I'm now 99% certain my issues in VR are coming from that hard drive. F-14 and Syria both have huge texture maps and they're both performance hogs in VR. This is consistent with some stuff mentioned on r/hoggit and Heatblur's side of the forum that F-14 and Syria place heavy performance loading on system memory. Caucasus and every other airplane in the game are smooth playing in VR. When I turned textures and terrain textures all the way down? Stuttering disappeared in F-14 and Syria. Hard drive has gotta be the culprit. Easy to fix with an external SSD pur
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