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  1. What do you have to do to get air superiority? XO keeps telling me we can concentrate on air to ground but we get met with 7-10 fighters every mission. I’m 16 missions in, we clean the sky of them every mission, how many Migs do they have!?
  2. For those optional strikes I only get the red text saying destroyed after the bombs hit, no acknowledgement in the debrief.
  3. OK, so I assigned Hooters and Pickles to "Strike" mission, we had coordinates for a building where Dmitri Kudba was spotted. They dropped down to about 800ft and headed north, way past where the coordinates were. Not sure where they went, I died in a massive air battle. If i live long enough next time I'll follow and see what the hell they're doing!!
  4. If you assign a flight to the "strike" task will they hit the target at the coordinates given? I'd kinda like to concentrate on air to air, my poor AI squadron keeps getting decimated while I'm doing all these bombing runs!
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