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  1. Yes I turned that option on, but it didn't seem to add the SEAD package. Actually I was wondering if an option like SAMStrikeOnlyWithSEAD is possible.
  2. Hello~ long time no see. I've modified your PG campaign a bit these days, and I'm enjoying DCE so much. Anyway, I think bombing the SAM site is DCE's main strike mission. However, it often happens that missions are created to strike the SA-11 or SA-10 without SEAD support. Is it possible to improve this part? Thank you for always.
  3. Hello, I would like to add the new AGM-84H to F-18's loadout. Can I know the setting value? Sorry for trying to edit your campaign at will.
  4. I'm running a campaign with the F-16, but there are no major bugs I've encountered so far.
  5. Sorry, but can you tell me the exact meaning of time, dusk time, dawntime in camp.init file? Because the missions of all the campaigns I have run are recorded as night flights. This issue has also been identified as a a bug in DCS 2.7. Never mind. It's a really great game.
  6. I also did not have this problem in version 2.5. We seem to have a similar problem in that there was a bug in the recent 2.7 minor patch. However, if you do a Google search, this bug is also found in the previous version. Therefore, this bug does not appear to be a problem only in version 2.7.
  7. I also did not have this problem in version 2.5. We seem to have a similar problem in that there was a bug in the recent 2.7 minor patch.
  8. A previously reported bug in which the End mission button was disabled has been identified as a DCS issue. This is a bug that occurs when attacking a target without an ID. It occurs when the Airport strike mission is activated in the middle of the campaign. Sorry to misunderstand it as a DCE problem.
  9. Since the recent minor patch, this option doesn't work properly. The throttle is at full load and the rudder is set to the left. If I turn the throttle and rudder off and on after I start the game, the synchro option works fine, but it didn't happen before the patch. This is absolutely not a problem with my computer or game settings, as the options worked fine before the patch.
  10. If the mission is completed about 12 times, the mission will not be completed and the record will not be recorded. I ran the campaign about 5 times, but I always have the same problem. It doesn't appear to be my problem because there were no problems with the Crisis campaign. And thank you so much for making this Dynamic Campaign. This is the only reason I do DCS without BMS.,
  11. After the latest patch, the Mission Generator has changed a bit. Is this an error?
  12. I ran the updater and noticed that 6 files were changed. I've also left feedback before that, but I often see the F-14 blocking the f-18 trying to use catapult #1 and #2. I will leave feedback after testing.
  13. In the latest campaign, there are occasional flight delays of close to 20 minutes and the F-14 didn't start.
  14. Hello~ I want to order 2EA in South Korea.

    Can I know the delivery time and cost, when using DHL?


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