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  1. Previous releases are available here: https://github.com/heclak/community-a4e-c/releases
  2. For animation Also read the instructions on the github page.
  3. Check if the folder "C:\Users\<your user name>\Saved Games\DCS\Mods\aircraft\A-4E-C\bin" contains the files "A-4E-C.dll" and "ScooterAvionics.dll" (assuming your using the latest release version). Open your windows control panel and under programs, verify the Visual C++ redistributable is installed:
  4. Most likely you just forgot to assign them to the armature.
  5. The mesh of these objects have a face with more than 3 or 4 edges. Select the object, go if I edit mode and use https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/latest/modeling/meshes/selecting/all_by_trait.html#faces-by-sides to find the faces with more than 4 edges. For these faces use "face > triangulate faces".
  6. Open the blender system console before you export to see more error information. Window ‣ Toggle System Console
  7. You need to "uv unwrap" your model: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeBUfMKKZDo This is needed to define where the pixels of your 2d texture will be placed on the 3d model.
  8. Check the "EDM" properties tab of the objects. Set it to "Solid" or whatever is appropriate.
  9. Shouldn't be a big issue as long as the license allows distribution within proprietary game format (which .edm is).
  10. I'm gonna guess the questions then. - flyable, standalone, EFM, clickable cockpit, carrier capable, free mod (open source except for assets like 3d model, textures) Most important answer is "2 weeks" of course Honestly more like 2 years for acceptable state and 4 years to be completely finished. But hopefully I can release something in 2022 where most things are in a draft but usable state.
  11. With EFM it's definitely possible ... with SFM not sure.
  12. If you can't enter the cockpit this means the EFM dll is missing or isn't loading. There are multiple different reasons for this A-4E-C.dll is not in the "bin" folder. Could be caused by anti virus software. A-4E is protected against manipulation of the lua files. If you change a file the EFM dll doesn't load anymore. When you upgrade from a previous version of the mod and don't delete the old files before you install the new version you might fail the validation (as there could be unexpected files from the previous version that are no longer part of the new version). You're missing a dependency necessary to load the EFM dll. Some releases ago some were missing the necessary version of the "Visual C++ Redistributable" on their system. You can download it from Microsoft, but as you mentioned it worked before it's most likely already installed on your system.
  13. I'm really no expert. You could also try Substance Painter, Quixel Mixer or Armor Paint. There you can paint your model in 3d and put the decals in it. But then again, another tool that needs to be learned. It's my undrstanding that DDS is optimized. You want fast loading time and good quality, not a small file size (at least for the final texture)
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