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  1. Good morning, I would like to sell some stuff used for simming: Logitech x56 (second revision) - stick only - still in warranty (bought on Amazon) - 90 euros including shipping. Feel free to ask any question
  2. Gli sme sono esperti, non sviluppatori….
  3. I have very good performances, both in 2d and in VR. In reality my 2080ti is now the bottleneck (in vr)
  4. Sorry the throttle is sold, I forgot to update the post
  5. @uboats, there is a report in our testers forum section
  6. I will as the temperature will allow me to seat near a pc [emoji28] too much heat here right now
  7. Does this work with open composite as well?
  8. Hi, your system is really too much on the lower hand to enjoy fully dcs vr. Upgrading gpu won’t solve all the issues, also the cpu is very important, especially in VR in Ai intensive missions and multiplayer. Much more ram and ssd are advised. I understand your frustration, but unfortunately this is the way it is. I would advice to wait when you’ll bave the possibility to buy a new rig. With the older rift cv1 you could have some luck, but I still wouldn’t buy it today.
  9. Non serve più…già da qualche mese l’updater lo fa da solo
  10. Guys Ironmike just explained it some posts up….can’t you read?
  11. for this to work with oculus headset is it needed to run dcs through steamvr?
  12. In order for this to work with oculus hardware, do we need to launch dcs through steamvr?
  13. No, I am sorry...I am not in UK...as you can guess from my thread I am in an EU country
  14. Lowered price, added Monstertech stand and accessories
  15. STILL ON SALE: - - Monstertech pedals add-on for the flight stand 100 euros - Monstertech 2 mfd lateral mounts, 1 mfd center mounts, 1 mouse addon - everything 80 euros SOLD: - Winwing Take Off panel (perfect condition): 130 euros - Winwing Combat ready panel (jettison button broken and hdg switch ghosting, winwing can send replacement switches if contacted): 100 euros - VKB Mk-IV Rudder 150 euro (bought in may). - Virpil T-50CM3 Throttle 330 euros - Virpil 20cm Curved Extension - 60 euros including shipping in EU I prefer to ship EU only. Feel free to contact me for any information or to ask pictures
  16. Giusto una cosa...lo sniper x fu tolto dall’elenco ben prima che l’f16 fosse messo in pre-order...quindi gli utenti avevano tutte le informazioni per decidere se procedere o meno. Ed è stato tolto perché non è certo si riesca a trovare tutta la documentazione necessaria.
  17. I have an issue that it is independently there if I am using link cable (kiwi design usb cable for quest 2) or airlink. Basically, I always have good frames (40 with asw, or around 60/65 with asw disabled), but in some situations (for example in Syria map over the cities, like in the F-14 take off from turkey instant action) I have heavy stuttering, ghosting and double images, but the frame counter stay fixed on 40fps (i use 80hz setting). As with the Index, in the same exact situation, I have not any issue i think it is something related to the oculus software and not with my PC. Also in the mirror on the desktop everything is very smooth. I have tried many different settings (lowering encoding bitrate, lowering resolution in oculus software, lowering refresh rate to 72hz or raising it to 90hz, messed with the nvidia control panel options, downgraded drivers, changing usb ports and many others) but nothing seems to have an effect on this. My last resort is to order the official link cable on Amazon to see if that could be the issue. Has someone experienced and solved similar issues? I
  18. I sell a Valve Index with 2 index controllers and 2 base stations 2.0 I can ship in UE at 750 euros (shipping included). Contact me for every possible question SOLD
  19. 1 aprile oggi eh
  20. Raga, scegliete...o vi lamentate della qualità degli update con bug etc, o vi lamentate delle tempistiche.... Di entrambe le cose non si può...senza riferimenti a nessuno in particolare, ma in questa community molti si lamentano di tutto. Posso assicurarvi per esperienza diretta che si stanno facendo in 4....per mon essere scurrile minimizzo così. Saluti
  21. Razbam non ha mai mostrato grosse anteprime. Cmq anche io ricordo che parlavano di fine 2020 come ea. Da quanto disse all’epoca mancava il modello esterno (usavano quello ed come place-holder) ma sul coding erano a buon punto. Messo un attimo in standby per dare massima priorità a M-2000 ed av-8
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