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  1. Giusto una cosa...lo sniper x fu tolto dall’elenco ben prima che l’f16 fosse messo in pre-order...quindi gli utenti avevano tutte le informazioni per decidere se procedere o meno. Ed è stato tolto perché non è certo si riesca a trovare tutta la documentazione necessaria.
  2. I have an issue that it is independently there if I am using link cable (kiwi design usb cable for quest 2) or airlink. Basically, I always have good frames (40 with asw, or around 60/65 with asw disabled), but in some situations (for example in Syria map over the cities, like in the F-14 take off from turkey instant action) I have heavy stuttering, ghosting and double images, but the frame counter stay fixed on 40fps (i use 80hz setting). As with the Index, in the same exact situation, I have not any issue i think it is something related to the oculus software and not with my PC. Al
  3. I sell a Valve Index with 2 index controllers and 2 base stations 2.0 I can ship in UE at 750 euros (shipping included). Contact me for every possible question
  4. 1 aprile oggi eh
  5. Raga, scegliete...o vi lamentate della qualità degli update con bug etc, o vi lamentate delle tempistiche.... Di entrambe le cose non si può...senza riferimenti a nessuno in particolare, ma in questa community molti si lamentano di tutto. Posso assicurarvi per esperienza diretta che si stanno facendo in 4....per mon essere scurrile minimizzo così. Saluti
  6. Razbam non ha mai mostrato grosse anteprime. Cmq anche io ricordo che parlavano di fine 2020 come ea. Da quanto disse all’epoca mancava il modello esterno (usavano quello ed come place-holder) ma sul coding erano a buon punto. Messo un attimo in standby per dare massima priorità a M-2000 ed av-8
  7. Altre due settimane [emoji13] Ovviamente le sim-settimane [emoji23]
  8. I marines quando sono imbarcati usano ATFLIR...(usavano) Litening non è certificato per uso imbarcato. A-10C è del 2003....con il tomcat ha convissuto 3 anni ...principalmente Iraq unica ops in comune. Le portaerei imbarcano sia squadron navy che marines...normalmente dei marines uno soltanto
  9. Leggende metropolitane, come giustamente detto da alcuni. L’immagine sul monitor non è frutto di rendering da parte della scheda video, non è altro che una copia del buffer del compositor vr. Detto in parole povere è come se fosse un semplice streaming. Non costa assolutamente nulla in termini di scheda video.
  10. Yes surely I will do that when back home. Yes I have ab on at the detents but not full ab (without adjustments)
  11. No with no saturation i have afterburners before the detents and full afterburner at the end. Also i can see for both throttles the full travel whn 100% saturation is used
  12. Hi Imacken. I seem to not being able to configure detents jn dcs. Also to add I am completely noob in the virpil software and hardware. I installed warthog stile detents for idle and the push through detents for afterburner. When I try the saturation stuff, what happens is that when i am at the detents I am in full afterburner. I tried every saturation value from 72% to 99% without luck. Obviously I am missing something as I just received the throttle and I could have done something wrong. But in the virpil software all seems to be as in your instructions in the first post (i had to do a littl
  13. We all knows that it is impossible to have modern fighters simulated at dcs level. Have you never considered a simplified, but still believable, level of aircraft simulation? I mean a sort of fc3 level but with clickable cockpits (as an example what happened in janes f18 where the cockpit was clickable but not all systems were simulated and to start up the jet it was similar to fc3. Also many mfds pages and systems were simulated in a realistic way). This could let the possibility to have modern jets (f22, raphale, sukhoys) in the game with an acceptable realism level without breaking any law.
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