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  1. Borrowed assets from the A4 and F35A mods. { CLSID = "{VSN_F35A_PTB}" ,arg_value = 0},--Fuel tank { CLSID = "{D-704_BUDDY_POD}" }, Im no coder but I can copy/paste like its cool. A-4E-C.lua
  2. If only buddy stores were a thing. Also standing by for some of you talented gentleman to kick out some skins.
  3. It solved its self, it had to do with load order is my best guess. Had to have the Rafale pack installed and loaded first, run the sim with the Rafale then run the sim with the SEM and the pylons appeared. (my guess is the SEM borrows assets from the Rafale) The pylons dont always appear in the editor but they appear in the sim.
  4. I got the pylons to work. Nice to have these mods back!
  5. Yes same issue no pylons. And yes I have FC3. pre 2.7 I had the mod installed circa 2.5.6/2.5.7 no issues. uninstalled to trouble shoot the weird F-14B static wing overs-weep issue.
  6. Weird issue. Just re downloaded this and the SEM and I seem to be missing Pylons on the rafales and subsequently the SEM. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
  7. something like this?
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