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  1. I'm up to Sortie 18 through my first campaign now and have started to notice some common issuer; I fully realise some of these are limitations of the game but others are fixable. Lt Pickles given 'CAP Charlie' tasking is assigned 'CAS' in error AI Fuel management is a major pain; even with 3 tanks and minimal loading 9/10 will end up showing as losses. I even tested giving all 4 flights an RTB right after the AWACS check-in and it was 50/50 that they got back safely. Maybe we need a Go-Refuel order? Not sure what can be done to fix this given the AI. SEAD flights end up
  2. Seems to be bug with the new F10 tasking assignment. Giving Pickles a CAP Charlie task is giving CAS in error, seems to just be this selection as other CAP assignments or SEAD work fine.
  3. It changes in the latest Beta patch; it was removed from the Mission Planner and is now done once the mission starts through the F10 comms menu. Each flight in turn is given CAP (A, B, C), SEAD, CAS or STRIKE tasking. It's a little fiddly the first few times as you are usually going through start up at the same time and you also need to tell them RTB conditions but after a couple of missions its quite clean. Just need to be careful you fit out the flights in order so you remember who is supposed to doing what.
  4. I found that the absolute key thing with F18 AAR is to forget the basket altogether, just block it out from your active vision. Form up on the wing tip light, slightly low and around 2 hose lengths back and concentrate fully on the fuel hose pod. Drift across, still under the wing until lined up and stable then push up to the hose while focused on the pod, not the basket. Sounds counterintuitive to ignore the thing you are actually trying to hit, but the extra distance to the hose pod smooths out minor variations and adjustments a lot and you stay a lot more stable. T
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