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  1. Huh I didn't even realize that. Saves me some trouble! Makes sense too. Otherwise you'd have to be very specific about the part of the runway you chose IRL which would be super prone to error. Also explains why the QFE has to be right, not using the ALT from the waypoint either. It is nice having some coordinates near to get a good idea of your distance from the airfield though
  2. No, you have to have a waypoint on the runway with the runway heading parameter (CP - Cap Piste) set correctly in order to see the synthetic runway. With the recent nav updates you can now set it from the cockpit instead of relying on having it set in the mission editor which is very cool.
  3. Yup. Thinking about flying the Hind in a server like Blueflag, or any server with a good implementation of CTLD and base capturing is super exciting. Also, IT'S A FREAKING HIND!!
  4. Yeah it's Mission 08. Thanks for looking into it! Nevermind, I'm dumb. Forgot to calibrate my altimeter and was flying the mission at the wrong altitude. Thanks for looking into it! Hopefully you didn't waste much time on my account
  5. Is anyone else having issues with the ELINT mission? I've failed it three different times despite flying the correct ground speed and altitude exactly. Last time my ground speed never went more than +-1 from the briefed value and I was using autopilot altitude hold and still would fail the mission.
  6. Came here for help with this and saw you already fixed it! Thanks! Having a blast with this campaign so far. Great work!
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