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  1. Thanks for that, it was a key mapping issue. Remapped it last night and I have ATC comms now. Thank you for your responses...
  2. F 16c in Caucasus, but had the same issue with P51. I have easy comms set in options. Just nothing happens when I try and transmit with the key strokes. Thanks.
  3. Hi there, I'm relatively new and can't seem to get the radio comms to work. In different places it says either R ALT +\, R CTRL +\, L ALT +\, LCTRL +\ or just \ on its own (this latter seems to be mapped in controls). None work for me. I get the impression that when you transmit with one of the above key combinations a menu should appear and you select a transmission to make. Where am I going wrong? Any help or pointers would be very welcome. Ali
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