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  1. Quick question: Anyone else finding that the rocket and A-G gun pippers (A-G gun pipper as activated by pushing the MFD button above A/G in the SMS screen, on the top left) are nowhere near as accurate as the CCIP pipper for bombs? Unless you happen to be at the correct distance by accident, I pretty much always have my rockets fly way short of where the pipper would indicate, and the gun seems to most reliably hit the TVV when diving at targets. Could well be known, I just couldn't find info with my feeble google-fu. Anyway, really enjoying mod so far, looking forward to seeing it
  2. I'm also wondering how to get them, if you do the training missions they include at least the Startup one actually has them equipped, but they sure as heck don't show up in my mission editor. I mean sure, they don't work yet, but still.
  3. Sweet, so only about another month+ for me as well (April 13th, during a rush as well). Excitement is rising, I also managed to get a friend into flying helis in DCS.
  4. Unfortunately can't comment on what Deka has officially said, but at least when I was asking around online I had people tell me that it's always been that way. Might be worth asking Deka if you have a contact there? (Sidenote, not directly related to your guide: It can be a bit annoying with the JF-17's targeting pod when it loses POINT track (due to masking, visual obscuring due to clouds, etc.), because it seems to default back to the waypoint SPI. If I intend to fly away to get some standoff, I have to make sure I'm in area track mode to make sure the SPI stays where I want it t
  5. Hola! Been getting to grips with the JF-17 recently, and noticed a couple of things that (at least in the current state of things) seem to be either different from the guide, or missing from the guide. Different: CM-802AKG datalink requirements. Your guide only mentions the datalink pod for the CM-802AKG in the Manual + Man in the Loop mode, but it would appear that currently at least the Direct mode, and very likely the Coordinate mode as well do require the datalink and terminal guidance from the player. If you don't have the datalink pod onboard when shooting the CM-
  6. Ah sorry, I missed your post while quickly glancing through the thread! I originally saw the images on a completely other website. Thank you for the information, please add me to the list as well. Shipping to Finland. EDIT: Is there any way to source those boards, that's available to the general public?
  7. Hello! I'd like to ask a quick question before pulling the trigger: Can industrious individuals, with components lying around, easily add buttons etc. to the button box/make their own box with more inputs? I noticed in one picture that there are a few headers free on the board.
  8. Heya. Was there an update to the server today or something? I had to sign in to my account again when starting (auto-login didn't work), and when I launch the server, the window comes up, it shows up in my profile when checking "My Servers", but I can't configure it on either local web GUI or via the profile. Just says the following: So far when trying to set this up I've checked options.lua and serverSettings.lua, and options looks a bit empty (only seeing "auto-login"). EDIT: Ah, figured out what happened. I had copied over some Tacview settings to option
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