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  1. Thanks for warning ruggbutt. It just reinforce my notion not to buy SF protected software. Sorry ED...
  2. I am dissapointed too... What a shame. Count me out. Sorry guys. :roll:
  3. Great news!!!:D Now if we can only buy this CD version ;-)
  4. :shock: Does it mean 1.1 supports fully TIR3 VE?????? :shock:
  5. While I can agree your test proves that SF does not send information, I DON'T agree it proves that SF does not expose the system to greater risk.
  6. No difference - That's the very reason I gave up NAV. Has it protected Symantec from pirating their software? Not really... Again, the problem is not money. I am happy to pay $35 for FC. Hell, I can even pay more - but I don't want this copy protection stuff.
  7. Good for you leafer! It's good for ED to have such loyal customers like yourself. The problem is: - this strict copy protection WILL drive away some customers (count me as one) - it's penalizing PAYING customers - it's cost money - it WON'T stop the emergence of cracked or hacked version In my opinion it bad thing for both ED and its customers. I'll say it again: I will NOT support strict copy protection (like activation schemes).
  8. Re: OK - MY thoughts on the v1.1 Copy Protection It's not hysteria, it's not about $35 - that's the matter of priciples. I simply refuse to support activation schemes. I my opinion this is infringement of my rights as customer and PITA in using the product I payed for. If I would pay for FC 1.1 this would sign to ED I am OK with that - my problem is I AM NOT. Although I was so excited about this new release, I will vote by my wallet this time and - I am sorry ED but you won't see my money.
  9. I won't support activation schemes. This is penalizing PAYING customers! I am sorry but you won't see my money this time. :evil:
  10. Out of those two I preffer Ka-50 - simply because there is no decent chopper sim on the market, so this would bring "new quality" to Lock On. F/A-18 is "just another airplane" for me. However I think that ED should focus on makeing LockOn more "in-depth" (adding Dynamic Campaign, AFM, better AI, more in depth modelling of all aircraft systems, etc.), but this is getting more challenging with every new flyable. :? EDIT: Noticed, earlybird told that already: Out of my mouth exactly! :wink:
  11. I would definitelly preffer smaller number of flyable aircrafts, and instread focusing resources on: - dynamic campaing - greater realism (e.g. AFM for all aircrafts) - better AI - better graphics / eyecandy
  12. I won't buy 1.1 with such scheme. :x I'd rather buy CD mail version and pay for it more. This is creazy...
  13. Mboy - you're reading my mind, pal ;-). Those are exactly my thoughts .
  14. Payment: - I can pay with VISA - I refuse to pay with PayPal Shipment: - Download is prefferable (but only if I can burn in to CD/DVD and use as any other software) - I refuse any activation schemes (M$ Windows activation, or HalfLife steam or any **** like that) If that's not possible - ordering CD by mail is fine, as well :D . I hope it helps, Klopsik PS. OMG! OMG! IT'S COMMING SOON!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!! :wink:
  15. Holly S***!!! I finally tracked it down!!! I am such a retard!!! :lol: The whole issue was "Altitude stabilization" (H key) turned on!!! When I turn it off everything is back to normal, of course. :oops: Thank you guys for all the efforts :prayer: you're great! From now on you can call me Noob frist class :wink: , Many thanks again! :weedman:
  16. I've tried all positions. Applying more curve makes it actually worse... :cry:
  17. I am using Saitek Cyborg 3d USB stick. As far as I know it does not have any separate drivers - it uses standard windows drivers and I can calibrate it in Windows Control Panel. You cannot any deadzones there. Besides, if something would be wrong with joystick drivers it would affect ALL games, while I experience problems in Lomac only.
  18. Yes, deadzone is set to nil in Lomac: I will try to reinstall once more .... :? EDIT: Reinstalled - no change. :cry:
  19. I am not sure we are talking about the same thing... Maybe... Let me describe my problem once more: It feels as a kind of HUGE deadzone on the stick: 1. I would like to get a plane into shallow dive 2. I push the stick a little bit - no reaction 3. I push it a little bit more - no reaction 4. I push it even further and I getting into STEEP dive!!! 5. I MUST to correct that, that's too steep, so I pull a bit - no reaction, a bit more - no reaction, a bit more and it getting into STEEP climb!!! It's IMPOSSIBLE to make a very sligh pitch change (like 1/2 - 1 degree) and keep it - you
  20. I've tried the one more time today - still problem! :cry:
  21. Hi GGTharos- can you be more specific? I was trying curves adjustments many times without success - do you know what exacly has he changed?
  22. That's easy to fix - support TrackIR Vector Expansion and you will be able to move your head around the cockpit in 6 degrees of freedom :mrgreen: :
  23. I've tried that already - it does not solve the problem :cry:
  24. Hello Guys, A lot attempts to deal with it, I am absolutelly frustrated about pitch axis control with LOCK-ON. I am not the only one - see those threads on UBI forum: http://forums.ubi.com/eve/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=400102&f=38610606&m=6901026262 http://forums.ubi.com/eve/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=400102&f=38610606&m=7801027952 http://forums.ubi.com/eve/ubb.x?a=tpc&s=400102&f=17610606&m=61710916&r=92710916#92710916 Problem Description: I cannot propertly control pitch axis of the aircraft. I.e. there is no way I can do gentle dive or climb - it looks like ai
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