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  1. Did not make it into todays OB update, guess I will check again in "two weeks"
  2. Hags


    I know this is an oldie, but I am trying to figure out how to use SRS in the MiG 15. Which binding to people use? There are 2 bindings for comms: The Communication menu "\" and the Throttle Microphone "RAlt + \". Using the throttle button seems to make the most sense to me, just curious how others are setup.
  3. I just picked up this campaign and ran into this issue. Glad to see it will be addressed. Thank you.
  4. The T-45 looked great today at the airshow. Looking forward to trying this out in game.
  5. New to DCS and the F-5, my favorite aircraft, looking to give this try. Thanks.
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