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  1. Yeah same for me. I really don’t know how to use the complex planning tool.
  2. You will find out sooner or later. Mostly later. But you will
  3. So this is my first campaign for the f18 I played through in 3 days. as ppl have written in the other thread the style (voice acting) is somewhat special and a little too cheesy for my taste. the missions are diversified and entertaining. I love the tension that is built up with all the other ground and air assets, especially since there are many units at the same time doing their thing. So there you have 4-8 friendly planes doing simultaneous attacks and all of a sudden the air is filled with a dozen harpoons or Mavericks. Great fun. Or the fleet Defence mission, which is the best in my opinion-too gun vibes! only in the last mission I would have hoped for a big orchestrated battle what was hinted in the prologue mission (no more spoilers). But the campaign overall still was very much fun for me. The save game option is also really nice, it saves precious time
  4. hey, i enjoy the campaign too but have only played a couple of missions. i have a busy job and a family and the short tensed missions (20-30 min) fit easily with my life. Many other units are around you and fill the world with life. Especially for VR-users it works flawlessly. 1. i did not see a tutorial, but you really wouldnt need one. if you can fly the f18 you are perfectly good 2 go. 2.3. it is optional, but not a must an depending on the missions 4. 13 i believe according to their website. I find the missions are created with a very high effort and perfectly blend a full fidelity model of dcs with my casual play-style.
  5. Ja, also 8kx Vision mit zwei mal base stations (Version 2). Keine Controller.
  6. Selling my fully working Pimax 8kx headset with 2 base stations (2.0). Retail price is 1300€, wanting 800€. No scratches, no damages - mint condition. Non-Smoking household, no animals. Reason for sale: I have the reverb2 which I prefer because it weights less and because I dont do any roomscale-VR. So the worse tracking of the reverb is of no interest to me. However the big FOV will surely be missed - but you cant have everything. If you live near Frankfurt you can come by and try it out yourself. N95 mask included Also selling my warthog stick without the base for 50€. Also excellent condition. both sold
  7. Verkaufe eine Pimax 8kx voll funktionstüchtig in einwandfreiem Zustand inklusive 2 base stations (2.0) für 800€. Außerdem einen Warthog stick (ohne base) für 50€. Vor Ort Besichtigung ist auch möglich (in der nähe von Frankfurt), ffp2 maske inklusive beide verkauft
  8. Verkaufe eine rtx 2080ti Gigabyte windforce 11g verkauft
  9. Verkaufe mein obutto Revolution setup: Stuhl, 4 joystick mounts (warthog throttle & joystick mounts, 2 standard mounts). Zusätzlich noch ein vkb baseplate joystick mount. Montiert ist noch ein Schwenk- und drehbarer Acryl table, da liegt das Keyboard drauf. dabei ist außerdem eine front plate bestehend aus 3 mfd von thrustmaster und einem 10c ufc. Dazu gebe ich noch ein viertes mfd, die Tastatur und den usb hub. alles voll funktionstüchtig. Monitor mounts und footrest-plate sind nicht dabei, braucht man aber auch nicht. nur Abholung (in der Nähe von Frankfurt). Ein Kleinwagen wird nicht reichen zum Transport. Das Setup komplett für 100 Euro. verkauft
  10. Selling my VKB Hardware & Valve Index (non smoker, no animals). Hardware located in Germany. All receipt inclusive. I bought it new. No in-between trades. Vkb sold. Valve Index, purchased in 08/19. Reason for sale is the arrival of my pimax 8kx .Vive also sold
  11. Valve Index + VKB Hardware zu verkaufen Verkaufe meine VKB Hardware und Valve Index (Nichtraucher, keine Tiere). Alle Rechnungen inklusive. Ich bin Erstverkäufer. Vkb verkauft Valve Index Kaufdatum 08-2019. Grund des Verkaufs ist die Pimax 8kx, die jetzt ankam. Ursprünglich habe ich diese mit 4 Base-Stations gekauft für Roomscale VR, aber daran habe ich nicht so Spass dran gefunden. 2 Base-Stations brauche ich für die Pimax. Valve index verkauft
  12. Why? Too expensive? I’ll give in my warthog joystick base (without the stick) in as well for the same Price :)
  13. Selling my warthog throttle with slew mod and afterburner detent. Excellent condition. 180€ Edit sold.
  14. Verkaufe immer noch meinen thrustmaster warthog throttle. Mit slew mod und afterburner detent. Alles voll funktionsfähig und top Zustand. 180 Euro mit Versand. Edit verkauft
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