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  1. I made some changes to my mission, specifically the size of the zones for the bombing targets. I thought possibly because they are over-lapping it may be causing the issue. I reviewed the Iron Bombing Range mission and see how they implemented the zones, so followed with the same implementation. Unfortunately it did not resolve the issue. I'm attaching my updated mission and the track file so you can see exactly what is happening. Spaz NM P51 Cardonville Practice.miz 210223_Spitz_Cordville_Bomb00.trk rangescript.lua
  2. I've attached the .miz file to my previous post. Appreciate looking into this. Let me know if you have any questions or need additional information. Some times the reporting works, other times nothing. I'm just learning lua and scripting so my knowledge and experience at this point is limited. Thanks! Dave
  3. Further testing of the rangescript.lua I sometimes get this error.. see the attached file. It appears to be related when at above min bombing altitude to launch bombs/rockets and I enter into zone. The message appears twice, which seems to coincide with enter zone and exit zone. I have set range.bombingMinAlt = 1800 I'm also finding the following issue: 1. strafing zone maxAlt = 1500, the in-zone messages are being displayed well above that altitude.. 3-4k Spaz NM P51 Cardonville Practice.miz
  4. I have updated with the latest rangescript.lua, still seeing the same issue. Is anyone else experiencing the same? I'm no expert at with lua, I'll do my best to continue investigating. I lowered the min altitude and that appears to have gotten it functioning. Further testing has resulted in intermittent reporting of the accuracy. Will continue to test and investigate. 2/20: Lots of testing and have not been able to reproduce and problems, likely just my lack of understanding how things work. It is part of my standard tools when flying DCS, greatly appreciate the ef
  5. Thanks!, I did read it but didn't sink in until now. I'll update the mission and see if it works.
  6. Hi, I've been using the Iron Bombing Range mission that utilizes the rangescript.lua, just realized this morning the bombing accuracy in meters is no longer being reported. I went back and did a fresh start with the original file from sidekick65 from the DCS User Files download, still no accuracy information being reported. Is anyone else seeing this?
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