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  1. Thanks for the advice. I just tried it again. This time the Northern mig escorts took out all 4 CAP hornets for one loss. They very easily notch all the AMRAAMS from the AI Hornets, while their own R27s have a very high hit rate. On TACVIEW the only kills the Hornets have got are AIM9x. Maybe the AI settings of the Hornets are low v the Migs. I am happy to fail missions based upon my own skill, but this is a bit random!
  2. Hi, I really like the campaign so for but just had the same issue on Mission 3. I killed the Eastern attack by myself (my wingman, as usual, flies face first into the first missile from the escorts). Taking out 2 mig29s and 4 SU24s leaves me with just gun ammo. Looking at the Tacview, the 4 Northern Mig 29s take out all 4 CAP hornets easily for the loss of 2 Migs (Something isn't right with the AI - the 4 hornets only fire 2 AMRAAMS between before being taken out), so then it is me v 2 Mig 29s and 12 SU24s with just some gun ammo. I wonder if the problem is something to do wit
  3. Hi, I have tried missions 2 and 3. My own wingman doesn't seem to respond to comms menu commands. There is no audible acknowledgement of the command (to either Flight or Wingman 2) and he doesn't seem to follow the requested actions. I am transmitting on channel 1 on left radio 305mhz - which seems to be the correct frequency. Any suggestions please?
  4. I bought this as soon as I saw it as I loved Raven One. Mission one is a good start (with a couple of minor issues, see below), but then I tried to start mission 2...... I was just about to post re the inability to assign package tasking - but just spotted the comment at the top. I just wasted a lot of time on this - can I suggest you add something to the YouTube video to warn people until it is fixed. I thought it was me doing something wrong. Not impressive for ED to be actively selling content where one of the main features is not working. Comments on Mission one:
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