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  1. This guy just came in to KSGJ this morning. These Apaches are the D models according to the pilot I met. They are upgrading in the next few weeks to the E model. Yesterday we had 3 USAF Hueys come in. jeffreymg
  2. Thank You, I am trying to bind keys for the F-14 now jeffg
  3. That is my problem is the systems are so in depth that’s why I like the F-14 as you have a RIO to help. I have the F-14 but have not yet gotten a lot of time in it. jeffg
  4. Thank you for your suggestion, I have that module but I also have the spitfire and the F-14 Tomcat. JeffG
  5. I have had DCS on my computer for awhile but due to life’s work and family never really got into it. I am soon to be 67 years old and my wife bought me a TM 1600m Hotas for Xmas this year. My question is now I want to concentrate on DCS, what would be the best aircraft to use? BTW I own but have not flown most of them. Jeffg
  6. It worked !!!!!!!!!! Flappie thank you very much. Reinstalled all the maps and aircraft. JeffG
  7. I will try that again, let you know. jeffg
  8. Tried that no luck, uninstalled everything and deleted all files, reinstalled and still same error code 500 jeffg This appears to be a problem with the DCS program jeffg
  9. Here is my update log for the new update, I am on the verge of uninstalling all of DCS and reinstalling and see it that works. I have seen others who have tried but everyone's systems are different. I will wait and see if the Dev's have a clue. JeffG autoupdate_log.txt
  10. I am running DCS Open Beta and have most of the add-on aircraft and maps, but when I ran the new update appx 30 min ago and start DCS I get a error message. The message says error code 500 no active authorization's found. Than hit ok and the program asks me to bind or skip all my add-ons. How can this be fixed? Jeff Gerbert
  11. Does the F-14A uses the same manual as the B model March 2019? jeffg
  12. I know just venting, It will be released when they get it right. JeffG
  13. My only thought here is I bought the product and was told a date it would be released. DCS waited till that date to say it would be delayed, I think they knew that information weeks before but was hoping to get everything together but that was FUBAR. I think at least some updates would be nice. JeffG
  14. I have just built a new computer and now can fly the F-14 finally without it being a slideshow. I am going to get into studying up, keep up the great work. JeffG
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