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  1. Get the F/A-18C. It's better than the Tomcat and Viper.
  2. In that case, I highly recommend the DCS Debrief BFM Guides (now with the Air Warfare Group). As the author of that series indicates, there's no magic formula for winning BFM contests. However, the videos do a great job of introducing the terminology and concepts needed to maneuver relative to the bandit, identify turning circles and align/misalign them when needed, find and pursue the bandit's control zone, manage your energy state, avoid the bandit's weapon employment zone, and use lag/pure/lead pursuit geometries to pull the bandit into your HUD. Bottom line: against a bandit flying t
  3. BVR or WVR? Need more data about the type of fight and your typical flows.
  4. Has anyone noticed an improvement since the latest patch? The patch notes didn't seem to address any of the concerns in this thread.
  5. My squadron mate and I did some additional testing tonight in a multiplayer environment. The radar is consistently dropping tracks in RWS, and the TWS performance is degraded as well. I even dropped a TWS L&S track this evening in a high aspect situation where the target was WVR inside of the HUD area. It was bad enough that we both switched to the Viper for the rest of the evening. Very hopeful ED can reproduce these issues and address them quickly!
  6. What's the consensus on the Hornet FM right now? What's left to tweak?
  7. Update from my previous post. I appeared to be one of the few that didn't observe the subject radar performance anomalies, so I went back for more data with a more careful eye. TWS behavior appears largely okay, but the L&S track does drop more frequently now when in RWS/LTWS. I spend most of my time in TWS so I didn't really notice it at first. Nevertheless, I think folks in this thread are definitely on to something and it's important for the ED team to check it out. Thanks for the update, BN!
  8. Check and see if any of your peripherals were auto-mapped to any of your flight control axes. If that doesn't solve the problem, hit the paddle switch to disable autopilot (just in case it's kicking on for some reason).
  9. Definitely haven't noticed that. Used the radar extensively last night in both RWS and RWS. Works great and without the bugs mentioned in the patch notes. Could you post a track file or be specific about parameters and context?
  10. Strongly disagree. I have a great deal of stick time in the Hornet, Viper, and Tomcat; while I'm a fan of all three, I definitely prefer the Hornet in PvP A2A. Newer players find it easier the leverage the kinematic advantages of the Viper, because it takes less skill to just throw on the blower and fly high and fast when fighting in BVR. It takes more time to develop the confidence and familiarity with the Hornet's more advanced radar and SA tools and leverage them properly in a fight. Once you figure it out, though, the Hornet is surprisingly lethal and not to be underestimated.
  11. I was sad to learn the community ranked it so low in the recent roadmap poll (#10 IIRC). Even the current SLAM is crazy effective, and the -ER will make the Hornet even more enjoyable and lethal.
  12. Would love an update on Hornet plans, especially given the pivot to fixing bugs and the unexpected attention given to the Viper in the last Friday newsletter. Timeline or schedule isn't necessary, just a "hey, these are the Hornet updates/features in the oven right now." :-) If I recall correctly, the next items ostensibly under development were GPS coordinates display for the TGP screen and additional submodes for the AG radar. Is it reasonable to expect those next?
  13. Markpoints will be wonderful, definitely agree. If they can add GPS coordinates to the TGP, which they were ostensibly almost finished with, that will help a bit until markpoints are added.
  14. Someone else confirmed, but you definitely need to undesignate after the last TOO 1/2 coordinates have been set via TGP. If you don't undesignate at the end, you will overwrite previous coordinates. Pickling the bombs will auto-cycle between stations but NOT between TOO 1/2; you have to cycle between TOO 1/2 manually. After all bombs are off the rail, you can use WPDSG for BDA via TGP. To make this easier, just create a WP using the MSI/waypoint sub-menu and store it in a different sequence than your navigation waypoints. You can keep waypoints separated and better organized by storing the
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