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  1. Adding to what draconus wrote, if you want to reduce speed before landing, do it right by performing an overhead break. Wings will sweep to 20 on their own if set to auto as you bleed speed rapidly in the turn (especially if you enter the break with wings swept full back MAN).
  2. This video reminds of the that old classic Top Gear episode where they kept flipping those Robin Reliants over.
  3. Tomcat! All the way. The Viper is so easy to fly that a 16-year old kid could steal one to break out his dad who was held prisoner in some generic middle-eastern country. The Tomcat at least requires you to have dated an Admiral's daughter (Penny Benjamin). Seriously, as already mentioned in the thread in the HB subforum, if it's either the Tomcat or the Viper now, get the Tomcat, and wait at least a couple of months (and maybe a spring sale?) to give ED time to work on the F-16 some more.
  4. I don't think Jester needs to be "reworked"; just some things need some more tuning and enhancement over time. Some seem to forget how Heatblur was really breaking new ground in DCS with the Jester AI (among other things, ofc). Imagine what you would do without Jester if you don't have access to a human RIO (which, I imagine, is the vast majority of F-14 users). The only things about Jester that kinda bug me are his "lagging behind events" and "inability" to sometimes distinguish between missile type/ threat prioritization. Examples for the first one would be him callin
  5. Well, the "frying" part ofc was a bit hyperbolic. But I am a little paranoid atm with the whole situation, and my very dated card (GTX 970) needs to be able to hang in there some more. It was just weird, because I also edit video on this system, and play other games, and haven't had a single problem. Then suddenly, just as I was trying the Syria map, I get a slideshow and screen turns black, on that particular mission. I tried other missions on the map previously (the ones for the F-16, and most of the F-14 ones), and while performance was noticeably slower, it wasn't too bad and still playa
  6. Will the PG campaign be released after "Reforger 2"? Or do we get the "F-14A campaign" in between part 1 and 2? Personally I'd rather have a PG campaign first (not only because I already own that map ), but also because the (apparently not yet optimized) Syria map pretty much almost fried my GPU during the last "free to play" event: Tomcat free flight at night from Beirut. Screen suddenly goes black (but DCS still running), got an error message after reset that said I should "power down and connect the PCIe power cable". Opened the case, gave the power cables a nudge as well as pushed
  7. Tomcat! *except your No. 2 point. The Viper basically flies itself (except taking off and landing in a strong crosswind), whereas the Tomcat needs some work (not that much, mind you) Since you say you are rather new to DCS: the learning curve with the Tomcat will be steeper compared to the Viper or Hornet. However, IMO, it'll be a lot easier to transition to fly-by-wire aircraft from "analogue" platforms later on than the other way around (I'm sure there will be future DCS sales, where I'm sure you'll be tempted to buy more modules ). It will also help you tactically
  8. FWIW, as a consumer with absolutely no background in software design, I'd say in the absence of hard data, Heatblur should go ahead with the sum total of all the soft data they can collect, and make their best guess. I have been simming since 1984 and the old Microprose games on the C64, so getting mere approximations is - by God - nothing unheard of. It never, ever killed immersion for me, even when they gave us "F-19 Stealth Fighter" (based on a fantasy plane, the F-19 "Frisbee" that was conceived to mislead the public about the real F-117 at the time, when widespread rumors about a secret s
  9. I also had the gun trigger bound to the spacebar (seems to be default), but I had no problems ever to fire the gun. I only noticed the spacebar trigger mapping during the fence in checklist. I merely unbound the key. One thing you could maybe try is to ask the crew chief to rearm on the ground at Nellis after mission start and see if you have ammo loaded.
  10. Third option: Using Vaicom Pro with the AIRIO extension made my interactions with Jester a lot faster and easier. No need to deep dive into submenu's, just tell Jester what you want him to do. Sure, you'd need to pay for a third-party addon, which may not be to everyone's liking, or you play in an environment where talking into your headset might be disturbing others (roommates, family...) but the return in terms of immersion has been more than worth it IMO.
  11. I had the same problem which turned out to be Vaicom related. IIRC you have to delete the export.lua file from your "saved games/dcs" directory. Better do a search and double check which file exactly as it's been a while and I'm a bit fuzzy about the exact details. "One thing drives out another" as ol' Barliman Butterbur would say
  12. I always "pressed the spacebar" as soon as the option became available (and I was ready to commit), which gave me enough time to prepare for the engagement; the red AI always spawned well outside visual range in every mission (except mission one which is set up differently)
  13. Pincer right, drag the north group towards you or at least towards your flight lead (Hammer). IIRC, I drifted away from Hammer by sheer accident, head on a swivel looking for the potential wild card....which brought me into a good position on the far left flank of both enemy groups. Killed one of the F-5's with a Sparrow, the other F-5 shot Hammer, both F-16 turned towards me (after one of them previously shot one from my other element) just as I was turning into them, got one F-16 with a Sidewinder head-on, blew right through the remaining bandits which gave my remaining wingman t
  14. Sorry mate, can't help you there. I never used Bailey's profile, so my guess is a good as yours. I've only ever used VAICOM Pro, and otherwise I'm a Voiceattack noob. The best I could accomplish was to set the space bar to a voice command (to verbally acknowledge checklist items in the Zone 5 campaign) .
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