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  1. Ran into an issue last night, posting in case anyone else runs into it. Absolutely love this mod, I can't play DCS without it. Had an Wacom Intuous S, decided to upgrade to the Pro to get more buttons and the multi-touch. Could not get VRK to recognize it when I clicked Assign. Had same settings for new tablet as the one before (that was working great). Re-installed VRK, re-installed Wacom, same deal. Plugged in previous tablet in parallel. Then I *could* get the Pro to be recognized when I clicked Assign in VRK.. but then it was like it was using the dimens
  2. I was having some issues with SVR last night. I'd click play, it'd say launching for a few seconds, then silently fail. Happened upon a post that pointed me to a fix... try reinstalling the appropriate redist file from here... vc_redist.x86.exe or vc_redist.x64.exe https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads-2647da03-1eea-4433-9aff-95f26a218cc0
  3. the rocket control counter sounds like a possibility
  4. when that happens to me, the WMR portal is stuck on the "turn your head side-to-side and look at the floor" calibration step. i'll be in dcs and not have translation... i quit dcs, quit steamvr, and in wmr i'll ses that calibration step... do it, relaunch steamvr and dcs, and then it'll be fine.
  5. imo these would be great parts of a larger update to convert the A-10A to full-fidelity
  6. just for further detail, check the "cockpit camera up/down/left/right/up/down" controls, and then "save cockpit camera angles", or something close to that. you use the cockpit camera slew controls to position it where you want it, then press whatever you map to the save action. voila, new default position for when you push reset.
  7. you didn't list wheel brakes, they help
  8. i mean... it'd be nice for the controls to come mapped for my setup by default too. i just lump camera position in with controls as something i have to do with a new module. you know you can save the position so you don't have to do the adjustment every flight, correct?
  9. what is broken with it? using the controls to position the cockpit camera and then save that position has worked fine for me for every plane, including the spit..
  10. yes please.. early variants first always.. more variety and a progression of the airframe for users.. and more money for ED since they could sell the upgrade later
  11. dx_device = DirectX device, ie, controller, gamepad, joystick, etc. Maybe not enough power for all the USB devices, or maybe Windows decided to temporarily turn it off to save power (have you disabled selective suspend for USB in windows power settings? have you disabled the "allow windows to turn this device off to save power" option for your usb devices and usb controllers in device manager? that kind of stuff can cause disco/reco for usb devices. i've had it happen a lot before i did those options and some other things) to save your bindings... go into controls and save your bin
  12. I totally agree it's great DCS has Gen 4 fighters, and I hope they add more. I hope they add all the planes. That said, to my noob brain it seems the more modern airframes are more complex, and occasionally have additional legal or documentation hurdles compared to older airframes. ED, like all companies, has limited resources. Just makes sense to focus more on a popular era, where more planes should theoretically be able to be developed further compared to Gen 4 airframes, with the same resource expenditure. More planes equals more revenue for ED, and more airframes for users to enjoy.
  13. No virpil stuff, but I've dealt with a lot of usb disco/reco issues that are similar. Suddenly control stops working, then all USB devices would stop working, then a few seconds later all devices would power cycle and come back up. Or sometimes I'd just hear a disco/reco windows sound, which would turn off my joystick gremlin profile. Once every other hour or so. I haven't had that happen in about a week now. Tough to know if it's solved or what it was. Things I tried before it seems to be fixed: + That selective suspend setting. + Changed a couple of devices from
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