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  1. Hey everyone, today I updated my rig, and I'm pretty excited about it, and feel the need to share with some people that will (hopefully) understand. I present to you my Openwheeler / X-keys "Maximum Button" rig. A primary goal was being plane-agnostic. I love the replica pits everyone sets up, but it's not for me until I could have multiple replica pits setup for the planes I want to fly. I'm really liking having that 80-key work good enough for A-10 UFC, F-16, FA-18, AV8.. vs having something that would work perfect for one plane and notsomuch the others. Then the red keys in the
  2. I did some tuning a couple of weeks ago, and am fairly happy with how it's running now. The biggest improvement was being able to minimize the shimmering shadows i was having. Problem is, I can't really remember all the stuff I changed. Fortunately, you provided all these screenshots. Not too many differences. NVIDIA: Ambient Occlusion: Performance Anti-Aliasing - FXAA: On Anti-Aliasing - Transparency: 8x (supersample) Max Frame Rate: 90 FPS Monitor Technolog: ULMB Texture Filtering - Quality: Performance I bolded frame r
  3. afaik you can just delete the folders for the planes you want to remove out of your <DCS_Install>/mods/aircraft directory.
  4. a) for hotas controls, i try to bind them as close as possible to the stick and throttle layout for the plane in question. for other controls, i have a few x-key devices... which leads to... b) that x-type looks a lot like the x-keys i am rocking, except for the pre-determined sections with the x-type. with x-keys, can put in blank spaces to create those types of sections. i really, really like the x-keys and keep ordering more of them. i wanted to be agnostic with type of controls, and thus didn't want to go the replica panel route. then having a few x-keys around me,
  5. A few things that I learned over the hours that have helped me.. When loading up a plane you haven't setup, any device DCS doesn't specifically have a profile for will get assigned the Joystick profile.. this is what leads to having pitch/rudder/throttle/etc all being bound initially. In the DCS control setup, the header of the device column, where the name is, has a caret with a dropdown menu. You can use this to clear all bindings for one device. Also you can save/load profiles for a device through this menu. On the left side, for each category grouping, i
  6. Maybe, seems plausible that the control issues would depend on what devices and such. Seems like the root of the MFD issue is they come in pairs, named MFD 1 & MFD 2.. so buying a second set to get a 3rd means having 2 1's or 2 2's. Really it's as much or more of a Thrustmaster issue than a DCS issue. Not related to updates, though. 50% chance my two MFD 1's will be switched in DCS whenever I power my rig up. That's where the Save/Load profiles stuff has really helped me out. Also if I'm playing around with different mappings I can easily save a device's mappings as a backup.
  7. Odd. I got into using Save/Load Profiles exactly because DCS was messing my assignments up. The most prominent issue being that with 3 MFD's, two of them are the same name, and DCS will switch them up, so that my middle MFD gets mapped to the controls I setup for the left MFD, and vice-versa. I have those profiles saved like "A10C_MFD_Left" and "A10C_MFD_Center" that I have to reload at least once a week when I launch DCS to get the right mappings to the right MFD.
  8. if you are looking to upgrade and are going to stick with intel, i'd definitely recommend waiting a few months for rocket lake to get released
  9. I can't add much to the excellent replies already posted, except a little bit about #4 with force feedback.. No good options for FF joysticks due to patent issues as TLTeo mentioned, but you may find bass shaker / butt kicker stuff to be a decent substitute. I recently bought a cheap 100w amp and a couple of the 50w Dayton bass shakers, and it added more to the DCS experience than I thought it would. I'm using it with the Sim Shaker for Aviators software: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/147495-official-simshaker-for-aviators/ All the effects really add up. A thunk wh
  10. Getting Index or G2 and running it at lower settings and/or pixel density isn't an option? That way you'd have a better headset for if/when you do upgrade your mobo/cpu in the future. I started with a CV1 Rift, and currently have the Index and G2. I exclusively use the G2 because the picture is really good. Imo, Index is the best overall (comfort, tracking, controllers, speakers), but the picture is the main thing I care about, the the G2 is better in that regard.
  11. I haven't flown it yet, so not familiar with where the button is to make sure it was pressing. I did hear a clicking sound and didn't have anything else bound to my test key, so I think it should work? Added it to the other Flaps controls in the VSTOL Controls group: {down = fcs_commands.Button_FLAP_BIT, cockpit_device_id = devices.VREST, value_down = 1.0, name = _('Flaps BIT Button'), category = _('VSTOL Controls')}, That'll go in your AV8BNA\Input\AV8BNA\keyboard\default.lua file. I've been adding a few controls for the F-14 (wing sweep lever) and A-10CII (hmcs power
  12. I would recommend upgrading to Win 10. DCS runs fine on it. You should be able to back up your <User>\Saved Games\DCS folder to preserve your progress and profiles and such.
  13. Heads up from someone who recently switched - you don't need to re-download. You can use DCS_Updater to switch your current install, like: DCS_updater.exe update @release DCS_updater.exe update @openbeta from:
  14. Also old, and also had same issues with trying to hit switches in back left or right comfortably. I tried out a couple of 24-key X-Keys, one on each side, and have a control scheme going that I'm liking a lot. Feels like I can intuitively (at least for me) map any side instruments to them. I have one on each side, mounted behind joystick and throttle, landscape style (6x4 buttons). Inside column of 4 buttons on each used by my thumbs are (from top to bottom) Win, Ctl, Alt, and a Mode Toggle button. Left win/ctl/alt for left X-Key, right win/ctl/alt for right X-Key, for my instrumen
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